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avoided slavery

about 5 years ago
Tour guide was good but avoided the issue of slavery we thought on purpose. Tour confined to big house, you could walk out to slave quarters but no guide to converse with and outer buildings not all renovated.

Wonderful experience

about 3 years ago
This tour is very unique given that the family is giving the tours. They have owned and run this working plantation since 1877! My tour guide was awesome giving very obscure and little known facts. What I liked the best about this tour is once it's over (an hour) you can roam the grounds by yourself which is perfect for those visitors on a tight schedule. I would recommend this tour over some of the bigger tour groups any day.
Kimberly Lawson

Must See!

about 4 years ago
The plantation was one of my favorites. There still lies the original manor home, detached kitchen, slave cabins, blacksmith shop, and carpenters shop. Most of the tour guides are also part owners who are related to the families who built/owned the plantation throughout history. The tour guide was super friendly and learned a lot of information. You're able to walk fully into all of the rooms, and even touch some things. I was able to ask questions, no matter how ridiculous, the guide answered them with the best of her knowledge. A must-see!
Samantha K


about 5 years ago
I would highly recommend visiting this plantation. We toured a few others in the area, in my opinion this is the best one by far!!! I love that it’s family owned and more original then the others. Compared to the other plantations in the area that give you a history lesson. At St. Joseph’s it’s more like they are sharing there family history with you! I would strongly recommend visiting if in the area!!! I’d give it 10 stars if they would let me.
Austin Holentunder

I love the fact this is still a working plantation with family ties!

about 4 years ago
Finding the plantation was easy and checking into the gift shop was a breeze. Our tour guide Sylvia gave us an amazing tour around the house and it was wonderful to see so much original hardware on the doors, original glass and family owned furniture throughout the home. It really surprised me to learn that this home is still owned/operated by family members and still is a working plantation! I think knowing that family is still acting as tour guides themselves is a serious testament to time and a true family bond. Even the pictures on the walls are actual family members. The home has only been open to tours since 2004 but was built around 1830! My only regret is that we came a few days too early for their Mourning Tour. In the month of October they offer their "Mourning Tours" where staff members dress in all black and you can see a live reenactment of a funeral on the weekends. Thank you Sylvia for showing us such a lovely time! We can't wait to go back!
Sarah Simon


about 4 years ago
Had a easy experience using tripshock. Fast and reliable. Also had a coupon promo code which saved us money.
Shannon R


about 4 years ago
It was a great experience.
Kimberly Hall


about 4 years ago
Great value and such a great tour. It was our first plantation tour ever and we are now hooked. Jared was awesome!
Bryan Powers


about 4 years ago
Our 3rd trip to St. Joseph Plantation. Our guide, Sylvia, was wonderful. She was friendly, informative, and patient with the children. We enjoyed being able to tour the grounds and the home with very little being off limits to the public. They have accommodations for picnic lunch which we took advantage of, as well as Sylvia's recommendation of walking along the levee to get a wonderful view. We'll be back!
Jeanne Kearns

Wonderful Visit

about 4 years ago
The best thing about St. Joseph Plantation was being guided from room to room by a member of the family that owns and runs this working sugar cane plantation. There is much rich history here. And being there for the Mourning Tour was extra special. Highly recommend this over the more commercialized operations.
James C

Beautiful place rich in history

about 4 years ago
Very beautiful home and property. Our tour guide was just amazing. Very informative tour. The house was gorgeous. I can't say enough about this place. It's just beautiful beyond words.
Joshua Rodriguez


about 4 years ago
Love the plantation! Ticketing was very easy.
Donna Biba

Plantation Home Tour

about 3 years ago
My tour guide was exceptional. Very informative and welcoming. I appreciated all of the information and being able to walk around the grounds when the tour was over. Also, the information on sugar cane farming was great! I study farming so I appreciated that piece. Thank you so much!
Ilene Byers

A must see

about 4 years ago
Wonderful experience! Everyone should visit
Angele Miller


about 4 years ago
Very interesting tour good people
Andre Saint mleux


about 4 years ago
Very disappointing!! We would rather hear about the history of the slaves and the white people. Not the history of sugar. I should went to Whitney plantation.
Colette T

A Labor of Love!

about 3 years ago
We really enjoyed our tour of St Joseph Plantation... We were amazed at how much work had been done to restore the plantation. Equally as amazing is the fact that three families, all descendants of plantation owners, have banded together to ensure that their plantations continue to produce sugar cane crops in the families’ tradition. Miss Diane was a wonderful and gracious guide, and is certainly not afraid of hard work. And her personal recollections and stories of her family’s history provided a unique perspective to our tour: it wasn’t just history, it was something near and dear to her heart! We thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and recommend this tour to anyone wishing to not only learn about the history of a plantation, but actually see one in action!
lisa marrero


about 4 years ago
Was a great experience, would have liked to see the other one plantation house also.
Jason Ingalsbe

St Joseph plantation March 2018

about 5 years ago
This was a great experience. Such a warm welcome and great tour guide Sylvia. History of the plantation in details and so fascinating in general. Being french ourselves, we loved the whole french history behind it. Very good tour for the money.
Florence Larbaoui

Very Authentic Experience

about 4 years ago
The lady that gave us the tour was part of the family that owned the plantation. She also made note that most of the people that are part of the plantation currently are family members. I personally liked her tour just because she was easier to follow and was really passionate about the house. However, this tour is really more about the sugar cane and plantation and less about the history of the slaves. There was slavery information mentioned on occasion to show you what kind of conditions they lived in and what they were put through but that wasn’t the focus of this tour.
Amber D

Plantation tour

about 3 years ago
Very lovely tour by a competent and knowledgeable guide.
Sherry Worstell

Plantation Tour

about 3 years ago
Very good tour by Jessie
Amy Dawson

Awesome tour

about 4 years ago
Beautiful plantation and the house was beautiful with the age of it. Kate was an awesome host and love the stories of the plantation and her family and how the history of the house came to be even before her family brought the house.
Terrence Hilliard

Great Personalized Tour at St. Joseph's Plantation

about 4 years ago
This was one of the best plantation tours I have done. Silvia Ziringue was very knowledgeable about the history of the families who owned the property and had quite a few anecdotes about descendants still living in the area. Highly recommended!
Liz W

The tour was amazing

about 2 years ago
We loved this tour. I have three boys (ages 12, 11, & 6) who really got a lot out of this (the older ones more than the younger one) and enjoyed learning about the history. The house was gorgeous and the tour guide was so good and full of knowledge. It really was one of the highlights of our trip.
Leigh Waters
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