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Verified Traveler Reviews

Reviews of Sunset Dolphin Encounter Aboard Captain Anderson III

We enjoyed our sunset / dolphin cruise and appreciated the hospitality the staff on the trip offered. We saw three pods or more of dolphins, they invited all folks under 17 to take a turn to be “the captain of the boat “ for a few moments and offered an experience that will be memorable for years to come! .
Linda C.
about 6 months ago
So many dolphin
The trip was alot of fun. The sunset was beautiful & and we got to see a lot of dolphin activity. The crew is engaging & fun. We had a blast.
Jeannie A.
about 6 months ago
The captain went out of his way to make sure we saw some dolphins! It was great!!
Candace B.
about 7 months ago
Dolphin overload
Absolutely the best. Our grandsons can’t stop talking about how great it was.
Geraldine K.
about 7 months ago
It was cloudy and cool but we seen the dolphins it was a great trip we will be back. Thank you
David B.
about 6 months ago
Wonderful , amazing, professional stuff
Omar R.
about 8 months ago
Worth every cent!
The Captain was so entertaining and personable. It was a beautiful ride and we saw a lot of dolphins. He continuously maneuvered the boat to ensure people on all sides got to see the dolphins. We saw a spectacular sunset on the way back. What more could you ask for?!
Pam J.
about 7 months ago
We had a great time. We saw a lot of dolphins. The boat was comfortable and staff was friendly. Plus, it was a great value. I highly recommend the dolphin sunset cruise.
Rocky R.
about 6 months ago
My 3 hr tour
CAPT DAVID was awesome, he will be the reason im coming back
Jeffrey e.
about 6 months ago
Our dolphin cruise
It was amazing. We definitely saw dolphins. Captain Anderson’s crew did not disappoint. Perfect addition to our Florida vacation!
Patricia V.
about 7 months ago
Capt Anderson sunset cruise
It was wonderful and amazing! Capt John and crew were awesome. Great value highly recommend! We saw tons of Dolphins, Shell Island, beautiful weather and sunset! My wife and I just loved everything about it. It was our second time.
Brett B.
about 14 days ago
Dolphin Cruise
This was a fun cruise! They give you Cheetos to feed the seagulls with. One guy walked around with a moon jellyfish and then a crab letting people touch them. We seen dolphins and they followed them so you could keep seeing them. We also seen several jellyfish and even a hammerhead shark which was really cool!
Brooke W.
about 8 months ago
Great Adventure
The weather was perfect. We utilized the snack bar on the boat which was great. We saw lots of dolphins which was awesome. The kiddos even got to drive the boat. I do wish the snack stand at the marina was open so I could get a drink. I was so thirsty by the time I got there and nowhere close to buy a drink.
Tara K.
about 6 months ago
Very Nice!!!
Roomy, great experience!!!
Jeri D.
about 8 months ago
Highly recommend the Captain Anderson III
Everything about the trip was great from ticketing to trip right on schedule and perfectly timed.
Brian S.
about 6 months ago
Exactly what we wanted
It was a really good trip an great price
April S.
about 16 days ago
Sunset Cruise
The captain and crew was great and we had a lot of fun. Nice lottle snack bar on the boat and restroom smiles it nice. While waiting they've got a nice area to wait. Would highly recommend!
Michelle D.
about 6 months ago
Boat ride
My family and I decided to go on a last min trip for my birthday that was on Oct 25th, we also all needed a pick me up after my siblings and I suddenly and very unexpectedly lost our mother a couple months ago in August in addition to my sister losing her husband prior to that in June. So needless to say this year has not been kind to our very small, but close family. It was my first time visiting a beach in the fall and the weather was wonderful. This boat ride was one of our favorite activities, especially my 6 year old son who loves cars, planes trains and boats, this was his first time on a boat. The crew who worked were all so kind, welcoming and had an amazing sense of humor...we needed all those laughs and we appreciated them. I would highly recommend anyone visiting Panama city Beach to treat themselves to this fun and relaxing experience.
Tanyeka T.
about 6 months ago
Multiple dolphin viewings. Especially enjoyed watching them jump in the waves ahead of the cargo ship. Very friendly and relaxed atmosphere
Rhonda B.
about 6 months ago
Evening Dolphin Sighting Tour
I loved this trip! We saw plenty of dolphins, they tried to get both sides of the boat to be able to see them. The crew was fantastic! they walked around with a crab that didn't have its pinchers and you got told hold that one, they also had a blue crab and another small crab. Both had pinchers so we were only able to look, which honestly I didn't want to hold those crabs. Overall this experience was awesome! I highly recommend it to anyone who is thinking about doing it!
Elizabeth B.
about 6 months ago
Dolphin tour
It was nice. Didn’t see as many dolphins as I thought I would but not bad for the price.
Gina F.
about 15 days ago
It was a great experience. I can’t wait for the next one.
Kim G.
about 8 days ago
Awesome Dolphin Sightings
The Captain John & crew were awesome.They went out of their way trying to get us close to dolphins.
Dawn S.
about 8 months ago
We had a wonderful time
Charles S.
about 8 months ago


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