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07/10/2020 ~ 07/16/2020

Had a blast

about 2 days ago
This was my first time being on a boat. I was a little nervous at first. It was the best experience!!. Really enjoyed seeing the dolphins. I’m definitely going to book again
Lela C

Daulphin boat ride

about 4 days ago
It was pleasant. I had 1 person that could not show. I could not get a refund, disappointed.
Ed D

Sunset Cruise-Panama City Beach

about 5 days ago
We had a wonderful time. Thank you!
Janice B

Great ride

about 7 days ago
The captain was very nice and let the kids take turn "driving" the boat which they loved. They gave you cheetos to feed the seagulls which was fun. The ride was about an hour and 35 min. It was very enjoyable and probably the one thing at PCB that I felt was worth what I paid for it.
Ashley L

Sunset cruise

about 4 days ago
The captain was really nice, the boat was ok. I just didn't really enjoy it like I thought I would. It also rained the whole time, but seeing the storm on open water was cool.
Meagan H

Old slow boat

about 5 days ago
The boat was really slow and old. The staff were really nice. We old saw 1 dolphin the whole time.The sea screamer and the pirate boat passed us several times and I think the boat had mechanical issues while we were on because we sat in the same spot for a while and I saw a crew member with tools going down into the bottom a few times. It's cheaper than the sea screamer and now i know why.
Crystal D

Terrible tour

about 8 days ago
First the tour left 15 minutes late. There was no captain narration about what we were seeing, all he said is so and so is driving the boat when he let a passenger steer. The ad clearly said no alcohol allowed but there was people drinking beer out of the insulated coolers they weren’t supposed to have. Saw 2 dolphins. I will definitely tell everyone I know not to do this tour!
Richard M

Wonderful experience!

about 9 days ago
The staff was knowledgeable and courteous. We got to see a lot of dolphins and gorgeous views! I highly recommend!
Alexis F

Fun Time

about 11 days ago
Great Cruise for the whole family!
Kathy V

Dolphin Tour

about 11 days ago
Awesome dolphin tour. Saw lots of dolphins and enjoyed the Crew. Will definitely be back.
Leta H