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Reviews of Sunset Dolphin Sail Aboard The Privateer Catamaran

So much fun
My family and I had a blast. Dolphins did not fail to entertain.
Najla H.
about 10 months ago
Wonderful Addition to our Vacation
The trip on the privateer was wonderful. We were able to see some dolphins and the glorious sunset. Perfect ending to a day on vacation.
Holly F.
about 3 months ago
It was a fun trip lots of dolphin great sunset and wonderful staff
Gene G.
about 7 months ago
It was a great experience. Everyone had a wonderful time. We saw dolphins and the sunset was beautiful! Highly recommend.
theresa b.
about 6 months ago
Great trip
Great trip! We didn't have great weather but the crew made the best of it and we still saw dolphins and surprisingly we saw deer! Would definitely do it again!
Allisha G.
about 5 months ago
Dolphin Sunset
The boat ride was amazing. Beautiful sunset and got to see dolphins.
Shirley S.
about 5 months ago
Had a great time
Terri R.
about 3 months ago
Mrs Gwen
I don’t think we ever got above idle speed. The Captain never said a word to us except in the beginning to go over rules and at the end to beg for tips!
Gwen H.
about 1 month ago
Great time
The crew were fun, attentive and personable. We got to see dolphins, deer and one beautiful sunset.
Dan S.
about 6 months ago
Dolphins tour
It was incredible
Jidapa I.
about 3 months ago
Retired RN
It was wonderful! Mike and Ashley were great!!
Julie N.
about 25 days ago
Dolphin tour
Mike and Mosley and kyra and Daniel were so awesome! We had a fantastic time!
Barbara B.
about 4 months ago
Wonderful experience
Sally C.
about 6 months ago
Had a blast
The whole thing was absolutely amazing, great views, great music, great staff,just all around a great time. 10 out of 10.
Vincent W.
about 9 months ago
Amazing experience
Fun crew, lots of dolphins, great views, perfect length of time
Chris C.
about 9 months ago
Awesome experience!
Lateidra P.
about 8 months ago
The cruise was amazing!
Captain Mike and the crew were awesome and really made the trip more than just a sunset cruise. We saw tons of dolphins and some deer. The live music was also a great touch. Highly recommend taking this sunset cruise over other ones.
Dustin M.
about 5 months ago
Great ending to getaway trip
Excellent & relaxing way to wrap up our long weekend at Panama City Beach. Saw dolphins, deer & pelicans & a fabulous sunset during a 2 hour tour with excellent music & an attention crew.
Lynne M.
about 30 days ago
Amazing tour!!
We had so much fun! Fun things for our whole family, our kids loved sitting in the catamaran “nets” and seeing all the dolphins. The adults loved the live music and special drinks
Melissa L.
about 8 months ago
Sunset cruise
Had a good time- The staff is friendly . Thank you.
Woody M.
about 5 months ago
Captain Glenn did a wonderful job… he dove down to get shells for us. We learned so much from him. We had several great opportunities to be up close to dolphins.
Lori M.
about 6 months ago
Lots of dolphins and cheap drinks!
Heidi M.
about 6 months ago
Nice ride, saw lots of dolphins
Garry W.
about 6 months ago
I was disappointed to find, as we were boarding the catamaran, there were already so many people on board who had been able to jump the line. We didn’t get nearly as close to dolphins as I expected but instead were surrounded by other boats. The music was awesome but I didn’t pay to hear music. Pretty disappointed.
Patty M.
about 6 months ago


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