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Reviews of The Hydrojet - The World's Largest Jet Ski!

Labor Day Weekend 2023
What a fun time!! We laughed, danced, and enjoyed every bit of this ride! My family and I have already spread the word about how cool this ride was! We got to see so many dolphins on our ride, we just got lucky that day! Def going back!
April R.
about 10 months ago
Take this ride and thank me later!
My wife and I took this ride and boy was it a ride. It was a blast & to top it off we seen about 30 or more dolphins. It was phenomenal. Captain was great and so was James. I would highly recommend the HydroJet! It will be a must do for us every year now.
Brian M.
about 10 months ago
This experience exceeded all of our expectations!
The crew and captain of the Hydrojet were so much fun! They did an amazing job of spotting wildlife in the gulf and safely positioning the boat so everyone could enjoy the sea turtle and multiple dolphin sightings. At one point we were watching dolphins jump from huge waves that were building between boats and it was just incredible to witness. The music choices made the group on our cruise sing together and it was just such a happy experience. Highly recommend this dolphin tour!
Alfred T.
about 3 months ago
Not The Thrill I was look for
Although the captain n his assistant were very accommodating, I got my rides mixed up. This was just a cruise with a big engine looking for dolphins n sunsets. There is another company that has an engine that goes faster n is more fun. If u want a leisure ride, this hydro jet is for u.
Iria H.
about 10 months ago
Hydrojet never disappoints! Great fun, great skipper and crew. Lots of fun for the whole family.
Randolph A.
about 2 months ago
Hydro Jet
Great experience! Crew was Great! Beautiful views and plenty of dolphins!! Fun for the whole family!!
Carlos C.
about 17 days ago
Wet and Wild
So much fun. We saw a lot of dolphins. You are so close to them and they were very active jumping in the air, jumping the waves, so beautiful. We then went for an amazingly fun boat ride. It was like riding a giant jet ski. The captain and his crew member were very cool and chill. Definitely would recommend this to anyone who wants to see dolphins and likes fast rides.
Tracy F.
about 3 months ago
Great time on the water
The crew made sure we had a great time. The weather and the sea both behaved. We saw a pod of dolphins with a baby and the crew was very respectful. And then we went fast!
Cory W.
about 11 months ago
First time in a boat and my family loved it. The captain and his first mate was awesome. He was very knowledgeable about the dolphins and she kept the excitement going. I would definitely do this ride again.
Danielle W.
about 11 months ago
Awesome experience
The entire family really enjoyed the trip! Well worth it.
Paige H.
about 3 months ago
Hydro jet
It was inviting I loved seeing the dolphins and learning about them the ride was relaxing plus exciting
Jewaun c.
about 10 months ago
Hydrojet....A BLAST
Crew was amazing. Tons of dolphins. Then the ride after. Was perfect. Wife and I loved it!!!
Jackie J.
about 9 months ago
So much fun
It was so much fun for all ages.
Stefani R.
about 2 months ago
Awesome ride!
Always a must do when in Destin!
Stephanie D.
about 1 month ago
Weekend in Destin
The HydroJet Ski Boat was a wonderful ADULT experience #enjoyed
Alfreda M.
about 10 months ago
The ride was amazing, seeing all the dolphins was awesome.We enjoyed it so much
Janice S.
about 9 months ago
Family Trip
We had a great time! The grandkids said it was the best part of their trip. They were so nice. Would highly recommend.
Cynthia S.
about 3 months ago
Dolphin cruise
We had a great time on the Hydrojet. The crew was super friendly and made the trip interesting and informative. We saw a lot of dolphins swimming and playing in their natural habitat. I would definitely recommend the hydrojet as it’s a combination of jet ski and boat for a unique experience.
Denise C.
about 9 months ago
Super fun!!!
This was an awesome ride!!! The crew was super friendly and inviting into taking pictures with the sunset. We got to see a lot of dolphins and after we took a boat ride around the harbor... We will definitely be doing this again!!!
Ariana E.
about 9 months ago
Crusin Tiki
We had a great time with our tiki tour to crab island Good job to our boat captain Brandon
Holly A.
about 9 months ago
Sunset Cruise IS THE MOVE!
I paid for the additional tickets to ensure my wife and I experienced the dolphins and the ride as the sun went down over Destin. It was worth every penny. The Captain and “Chance” were amazing and knowledgeable! Their energy and passion was contagious, and I wouldn’t have changed a thing about it. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS!
Colin C.
about 10 months ago
It was a blast to me and my husband and our friends. Our host was to funny and energetic.
Latamara R.
about 10 months ago
Very nice dolphin cruise
A nice ride and captain was very knowledgeable about the dolphins
John B.
about 9 months ago
The best time I had
Roga K.
about 1 month ago


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