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Scheduling issues

about 3 days ago
I reserved this excursion for Sunday may 25th @1:00 p.m. and I got a call at 10:35 to tell me that they could either reschedule for the 11:00 or ride or 2:00 p.m. I told the lady that 2:00 would be fine, then about 12:00 I get another call saying that 1:00 would be pushed back to 2:00 p.m. again,because they didn’t have people for the 1:00 p.m. at this time I was tired of being treated like a yo-yo. Finally we left about 1:30 p.m. and it was really nice ..
Artelia M

Great job

about 19 days ago
It was something new for us!! Really enjoyed it...the music made it easier to be on the water..thanks for experience
Lakesha C

Fantastic jet ski tour

about 6 months ago
We saw multiple dolphins and a huge manta ray! The free play time was awesome too! The staff was great!
Karen M

Wonderful time

about 6 months ago
Our family enjoyed every minute. Perfect combination of fun and dolphin watching. Fun for all ages!
Debi L


about 12 days ago
Awesome for kids!
Kelly Z

No dolphin really

about 15 days ago
If you go to the site the tickets are cheaper. tripshock claims that gives you $5 off and that was not true. No dolphin they take you somewhere which all the boats stop and there are 2 dolphins that secured on that area for you to watch the tale only.
Niloofar J

So much fun!

about 11 hours ago
My husband and I booked this trip for our date nights guy while on vacation. We had the most fun watching the dolphins and riding on the fastest ride on the water! Would definitely recommend to anyone who seeking an adrenaline rush and a trip full of smiles!
Shawnee K

Fun & Informative

about 2 months ago
Listened to appropriate music. Crew got us to see several dolphins. Learned a lot about dolphins I didn’t know. Travel time was perfect amount. Great fun!
Kathy K

Hydro jet ski

about 13 hours ago
Its was fun, although would be better if play better music, instead of partly like meaning clean
Alice S


about 18 days ago
Everything was great & will definitely be coming back again soon.
Garrett B


about 13 days ago
I have been coming to Destin for about 15 years and have never seen so many dolphins together as we did on the Hydrojet! The crew was very friendly. By far one of the favorite things we did while here.
Ambee O

Had fun

about 2 months ago
It was amazing, I will be back
Jabraza L

Hydro Jet Ski

about 6 months ago
Awesome had a blast
Sonya F

Fun fun time

about 6 months ago
Very fun with captain and his associate!The young lady was awesome by taking pictures for everyone and making sure we were having great time!
Joel L

Great ride

about 2 months ago
That was the most fun , my kids totally enjoyed it, we will do it again and totally recommend it, thank you
John R

Hydro jet

about 2 months ago
Absolutely loved the experience. The entire crew was excellent.
Robert S


about 11 days ago
Absolutely amazing experience! We loved it and would definitely go again!
Tiffani D

Dolphin tour

about 6 months ago
We had a great time and saw tons of dolphins!
shawna B

Good experience

about 7 months ago
Our group had a great time! Wasnt quite as “fast” as we expected but still had a great time with several dolphin encounters which made for a nice surprise.
Stephen R


about 8 days ago
I loved how the dolphins rode the waves behind us. It was amazing watching the dolphins having so much fun
Tammy R

SpringBreak 2022

about 2 months ago
My family and I enjoyed the Hydrojet!! It was so much fun!! The captain and crew were fabulous!!
Katorra H


about 2 months ago
This is an amazing and fun experience. It is always a favorite for us to do with guests and we always see dolphins!
Tammy C

Good Fun

about 6 months ago
Was a very fun experience. Would 10/10 do it again.
Kevin G


about 7 months ago
Great experience and fun watching the surfing Dolphins with us and the crew are very kind .
Lidy E

Great time.

about 24 days ago
We had an awesome time. Our guide was informative and had high energy. The music was great and I felt safe. The dolphins were the highlight. But I also liked seeing all the other boats. I would highly recommend this.
Amy T
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