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Reviews of Hydrojet Thrill Ride

We had a great time today parasailing. The guys were knowledgeable and professional. Can’t wait to go again on our next trip!
Alexander A.
about 6 months ago
Fun in the Sun
This was our first time doing this jet ski ride and it was amazing! We enjoyed the music and feeling a little water from the splashes! Definitely will ride again!
Ansila W.
about 5 months ago
Splashes and all, great time
My daughter and I had a great time. Music was fun, and we got to see multiple dolphins.
Paige K.
about 17 days ago
Great experience!
Ronda C.
about 5 months ago
Hydro jet
It was ok but not even out on the water for an hour. We left at 2 but we’re back docked at 2:53 and unloading. Majority of time was sitting watching dolphins. Considering it’s a hydro jet boat thought there be more cruising and some adventure as advertised only hydro jet boat.
Sandy H.
about 19 days ago
We had a blast!
It was our first time on one of these speed boats and it was amazing! The Hydrajet ride was super fast, safe, and smooth. The captain and his crewman were sure we had a great time and were friendly and profesional. The dolphin experience was unbelievable...he even coaxed them in to chasing the boat and the show the dolphins put on for us as they jumped out of the water is something we will never forget. If you're looking for a fun and exciting experience, I highly recommend taking a ride on the Hydrajet!!
Juan G.
about 6 months ago
Awesome crew, high energy.
Jeff B.
about 5 months ago
Never lets us down! We went on sea blaster the next night and the hydro jet is so much for fun! And not as crowded.
Christopher P.
about 5 months ago
Energetic staff
Fun ride and great hosts
Brian S.
about 12 days ago
The ride was amazing the crew was great had a blast. Wish we could of went out a little further and faster longer
Lashanda B.
about 8 days ago
Hydro jet
Great, I would of prefered to go out at 1 our scheduled time. Very crowded. Not comfortable.
Cindy B.
about 5 months ago
Dolphin hydrojet
Excellent experience. The crew was fantastic and made the experience great Well worth the money and time best part of our trip.
Shari W.
about 5 months ago
Fun ride
We saw dolphins, and it was a good time, but not real fast, and not a thrill ride, if that’s what you’re looking for. Still enjoyable!
Lori S.
about 6 months ago
Great Sunset Cruise
We took the sunset cruise and it did not disappoint! They made sure we saw dolphins, jumped ocean waves, and stopped at a great spot and offered to take pictures of everyone with the beautiful sunset! It was a great time!!
Jennifer S.
about 6 months ago
Rating the jetski ride
The ride was very awesome, we got to see dolphins, sharks, tons of jellyfish, and even a huge sea turtle! Also they took us on a fun ride through the bay, jumping the waves and even got wet! The driver and his assistant was very funny and nice and even told us some facts and the animals we seen. So we for sure had a great time and would definitely do it again!
Kayla R.
about 6 months ago
So much fun
My wife and I did the hydro jet boat ride and it was so much fun. We went out before a storm came onshore and we saw so many dolphins. We then went out further into the bay and rode the waves and got soaked. It was so much fun!
Scott C.
about 5 months ago
Must DO!
The boat ride was very awesome. I was worried about the weather and the choppy waters but it all turned out great.
Lenzy H.
about 4 months ago
Family had a great time!!
Even in the cloudy, misty weather my family and I had a great time! Saw some dolphins and enjoyed a great experience together!
Scott N.
about 4 months ago
The experience was great the captain was excellent, the dolphin experience was over the top. Highly recommend this tour.
Kenneth W.
about 6 months ago
Just a wonderful experience. Remember to bring cash to tip !
Arianne C.
about 13 hours ago
Great Experience
Had a great time!!!
Katrina C.
about 5 months ago
An Amazing Experience
This was one of the best experiences ever My wife and I had such an amazing time during our Hydro Jet tour. Time, location, price, dolphins, weather everything was amazing. Better yet the captain and his assistant did a tremendous job at making sure this was an unforgettable and amazing experience, thank you! Highly recommended! We cannot wait to come back next time and do this again as a MUST!
Javier O.
about 10 days ago
Dolphin fun!
We had a great time and saw so many dolphins on this tour. They made it extra fun and facts about the dolphins, the sunset was amazing and had a nice fast ride!
Tammy H.
about 6 months ago
My girlfriend and I did this excursion. Was absolutely fun and amazing. It was a lot more than I expected and I would highly recommend. Being in the open water and going fast is what I love. The staff were great and friendly. It was decently priced for 2 people. We would Definitely go again. Very unique experience
Skye K.
about 6 months ago
What an experience
Our family really enjoyed this ride! To top it off they allowed all the children a chance to drive the boat!!!!!!!
Ronnie T.
about 6 months ago


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