Destin, FL > Dolphin Cruises & Tours
06/02/2020 ~ 06/08/2020

Great Time!

about 23 hours ago
Very fun and affordable ride and entertaining staff. Got to see lots of dolphins!
Lindsay Y

Will be coming back !

about 1 day ago
First time in Destin and i had an AMAZING time !! We rented a boat and drove out to crab island where we partied w hundreds of other people on boats . Went parasailing and did the hrdrojet boat to see the dolphins . Best vacation ever hands down ! Thanks to tripshock for giving me a memory i will keep forever !
Sereeta P


about 2 days ago
Was well worth the money great experience so much fun
Randy K

We had a blast!

about 3 days ago
We had a great experience on this boat ride. My kids enjoyed it as they got the pleasure of seeing sea turtles and dolphins!
Christanna B

Brought my kids to tears

about 1 day ago
everything was going fine until the boat's steering system broke on us. The crew tried to tell us everything was fine without telling us what was actually wrong. We asked the staff if someone was coming to tow us in, and they continued to grab tools trying to fix things on their own.. Kids were so scared that they actually cried. Me and my fiance were super nervous. Outside of the steering system messing up it would've been a great experience.
Jonathan M

Worlds fastest jet ski

about 1 day ago
It was suppose to be an exciting ride on the fastest jet ski in the world. Halfway through the ride they let kids drive which is fine but those who have older kids who dont get to drive were bored not to mention after they were done letting around 6kids drive the steering went out out causing panic on the boat and what was supposed to be a fast exciting adventure turned in to us coasting back to the dock. I was very disappointed as were my older kids. I believe they should have a ride for adults and a ride for adults with younger children.
David D

Great experience

about 3 days ago
We had a great ride, friendly captain.
Patrick B


about 5 days ago
The best ride ever. It’s like being on a safer jetski and the captain and assistant made the ride so much more fun and exciting
Marcus C


about 6 days ago
The tour was so much fun and our guides were awesome!!!!
Kendra M

Great boat ride!

about 6 days ago
The water was choppy in the ocean the day we went, so we didn't get to go out into the ocean, but the Captain did a great job of getting space for us in the bay to show off the speed of the Hydrojet. They let all the kids that wanted to drive the boat. My boys especially enjoyed that. A pod of dolphins swam right up next to the boat and we were able to see some baby dolphins swimming with their mothers. Overall it was a great trip.
Kristy O