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Excellent presentation

about 2 years ago
Very well done. Informative and effective. We need to make another trip to be able to see the whole exhibit.
John Ronning

Excelente museum

about 1 year ago
As expected and more
Maria Obregon

Great Tour

about 2 years ago
Was super easy! Bought the tickets at discount & showed them receipt at museum!
Carola Stephens

Very interesting and insightful

about 1 year ago
We had a great visit to the museum. This museum is filled with so much information. You will feel many emotions and find so much information here. Wonderful staff as well.
Mia Torres

WW2 museum

about 1 year ago
best museum ever!! fantastic!!
Brian Kelley

Good deal

about 4 months ago
We purchased out WWII museum tickets through tripshock and got a good deal. The museum is quite big and took us almost the full day to visit. Highly recommend it!
jianwen tang


about 1 year ago
We did not get to the museum too much before closing and did not get to see very much. But we really enjoyed the airplane exhibit.

WWII New Orleans.

about 1 year ago
It went seamless. Very easy to use and convenient.
dean mcconkey

WWII Museum

about 1 year ago
Loved the WWII Museum
Brendan Burgwinkle

All exhibits

about 4 months ago
Really very informed great museum
Joan Brown

'We are here for you' ....Not!

about 1 year ago
I made an error the first time I entered my request for tickets - I found no good way to correct my error online or to contact Tripshock (phone / email / carrier pigeon in order to correct my error.
Daniel Collier

Good communication

about 1 year ago
Good customer service and helpful
Jennifer Haas

WW 2 Museum

about 2 years ago
Great experience. Redeeming the voucher was seamless.
W Randall Collier

WWII Museum

about 2 years ago
WWII Museum was great!!!
Patrick Kane

My family loved this experience!

about 12 months ago
My 10 year old son loves anything to do with history. We spend most of our 4th of July in the museum! Will need to go back to see what we missed.
Keisha Guillotte


about 1 year ago
Wonderful, very educational and the staff was great.
Martha Berry


about 2 years ago
Great tour and wonderful museum
Ellen Heyer

WWII Museum

about 1 year ago
I have been to the museum before but this time I actually got to take my time going through. It was exceptional.
Sally Bell

World war two museum

about 1 year ago
I absolutely love the museum there was so many artifacts and things to look at, however trip shock tickets are misleading we bought the ticket that said that we could do the movie in the museum however when we got there they said that that ticket only got us general admission.
Brett Jackson

Will be back!

about 1 year ago
Wonderful experience. So much to see that we will be back because we didn’t get to see it all.
Kathy Garrison

Pacific front

about 1 year ago
Well done. Liked the sequencial presentation that put together a complex comprehensive story
John McFarlane

WWII Museum

about 2 years ago
We had a great time at the museum. A great place, everyone was very friendly and knowledgeable. Obviously there wasn’t a big crowd so going through the different rooms was a breeze! Reserving and paying for our tickets through is highly recommended and saved a lot of time!!
Gene Cahan

The National World War II Museum

about 1 year ago
This is probably the most informative museum I have ever been to. Very well laid out & lots to see. Plan to spend the whole day if you are into this sort of thing. All of the workers were pleasure to speak to & had tons of knowledge to pass.
Kelly Jeans


about 2 years ago
I really enjoyed that there was a lot to learn about World War 2 the way they structured interaction during covid-19 was awesome! Interactive selection to follow people during the war and collect artifacts with QR code dog tags.
Sierra Conyers


about 1 year ago
WWII museum is so good for people who like history
Seongbin Park
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