New Orleans, LA > Museums
01/26/2021 ~ 02/01/2021

Terrific experience!!!

about 7 hours ago
One of the best museums I’ve ever been to.
Jason Z

Great history

about 11 hours ago
It was a great place

WWII experience in NOLA

about 19 hours ago
We loved it all! The displays were amazing and we learned many things we did not know. Brought tears to our eyes from all the sacrifice that the allies gave to protect our freedoms.They believed in God and had faith and trust. Very well done and recommend to all to visit.
Lynda T


about 4 days ago
Great place very clean loved balcony
Bryan H


about 20 days ago
The best museum i have ever been to.. the history and stories are incredible . This is why america us great.. every living human being should go here and be humbled. The ultimate sacrifice. No entitlement just a love for a great country. Even all the papers were stunning.. Im very thankful and feel so small for all the men and women that served.. thank you
Brian H

The National World War II Museum

about 4 months ago
Completely worth the trip. You could spend all day if you choose to. Great restaurant to enjoy also. So much more history to learn.
Richard H

The National World War II Museum - 11.11.19

about 1 year ago
the The National World War II Museum - so much to see, witness and listen to. Every minute is worth more than a singular history lecture
gary b


about 1 year ago
The museum layout and features were very detailed. In addition, it was a moving experience to see what these men and women went through.
Raymond H


about 2 years ago
Wish we had more time to spend there
Richard D

Booking ease

about 2 years ago
Pleased with the booking and discount. Thank you
debasis m