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Stokes hypnotist

about 3 years ago
It was ok, enjoyed the comedy as much as anything.
James Nugent


about 2 years ago
Small audience so not as good as usual. Still a good show. Always funny.
David Johnson


about 2 years ago
My husband and I enjoyed ourselves.The show was so entertaining and very hilarious the staff was very accomadating..Thank you for a great time for helping us celebrate our 1 year anniversary..
Lanetta Nash

Stocked show

about 3 months ago
Was amazing we laughed so hard
Justin Hase

Was ok. Not worth the money we paid.

about 4 years ago
Served the purpose for entertainment for the evening. Mayyyyyybe one of the eight or nine individuals on stage were truly hypnotized.
Kyle M

Great show

about 2 years ago
Have gone twice in a matter of three years. Always a great show! Wish there were more shows during the snowbird season.
Sue Meisner

Can’t believe I got up there.

about 2 years ago
We had a blast (well from what I remember) I volunteered and had to watch it later) my boyfriend never stopped laughing! Thanks for a fun night!
Tonya Morgan

Loved it

about 1 year ago
Everything about it was great and unbelievable..the show had me convinced that hypnosis can happened
Niaya Whiting

Stoked comedy

about 6 months ago
The show was very entertaining and funny. Price is affordable. For those who like to watch and not participate, there was no pressure. Would recommend to others!
Teri Bohm

Killing time

about 5 months ago
So, It was a cool little something to get out and do, but I won’t rant & rave about it. The show was short, for $50 bucks it should have been at least 1.5 hours or included at least a drink ticket. The first 20 minutes was watching a video about the hypnotist and his adventures over the last 20 years. I would have much rather been watching the live show since that’s what I paid for. It was an experience, but nothing I’d pay $50 for again.
Renee Stringfield


about 2 years ago
Would not recommend.
Emma Dowell


about 4 years ago
My kids did not want to go. I told them it would be fun! These 16-18 year old boy teens......said it was so funny. We have never laughed so hard! 3 from our group got on stage. Pleasant surprise and unexpectedly best memory of trip!
Becky Stenger

Mathias Cousin's Night Out 2021

about 1 year ago
We loved the show! We all had a blast and I HIGHLY recommend going to see this dynamic duo to anyone wanting to get a lot of laughs and have a great time.
Mitch Mathias
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