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Reviews of Tropical Lunch Cruise Aboard the Calypso Queen

Nice Lunch Cruise
The wife and I really enjoyed the trip. Wasn't sure how things would be with COVID. But we didn't have any concerns after we got there. The food was good and it was a relaxing one and half hour trip.
Matt R.
about 3 years ago
Great Food & Ocean Tour
I loved it. The lady @ ticket booth was so resourceful because she found my ticket because I booked online w/ great customer service representative who got me in on the same day. The Waitress was amazingly accommodating. She made me enjoy my last day in Clearwater before I returned to St. Louis Missouri. The captain was informative with famous spots along ocean view. The only thing I want is a lawn chair on too deck so I can lay out after all the great free wine.
Dorenda T.
about 3 years ago
Calypso Queen cruise
Friendly crew. Lots of room
Carleen M.
about 4 years ago
Fun Time
We had a great time on the lunch cruise. The food was delicious and the cruise was educational and entertaining. The captain was very kind and let my dad wear the captain hat and stand behind the wheel, he really enjoyed that! We would take this trip again.
Kathy C.
about 3 years ago
Family fun guaranteed
Nice family trip even for young children. Good food and great staff on the boat. Had a good time on the boat. Thank you!
Christian G.
about 10 months ago
Lunch buffet cruise
Food was excellent. Staff was friendly and very helpful. Went last year and had company from home so brought them. Very enjoyable.
Robeta S.
about 4 years ago
Top jop!
The crew was excellent!!
Ivan S.
about 3 years ago
Enjoyed it food was very good
George G.
about 6 months ago
Anniversary lunch cruise!
First time on a cruise of this kind. I booked it for myself and hubby for our anniversary. It was hot but we had a nice breeze blow through the 2nd level dining area. Cold Drinks and food plentiful. The sights were many. Definitely recommend!
Courtney W.
about 3 years ago
It was a great experience on the calypso Cruise,
It was a great experience on the calypso Cruise,
Rajshri S.
about 5 years ago
No Air Conditioning
We had to eat in sweltering heat! There wasn’t any air conditioning while trying to eat lunch, hot food, hot air 100+ heat index. Nobody cares ??? It was terrible. My husband is 79 yrs old and is vibrant and younger for his years but I was afraid he was going to be very ill so we abandoned our food so I could get him up on deck to try to get a breeze of some kind. Shame on you!
Delinda B.
about 10 months ago
Nothing but the best! Our server nothing but excellent!!
Yolie R.
about 3 years ago
Good first experience
It was amazing I like it
Jean S.
about 4 years ago
Something New
My husband and I had a relaxing time and enjoyed the views. I would recommend that they should get a better sound system on the boat to hear what the narrator was talking about and for the price desert should be included. Other than that we will be going again.
Melissa a.
about 5 years ago
Great people, food was surprisingly very EXCELLENT, Love the Captain too.
Timothy F.
about 4 years ago
Calypso Queen
Overall satisfaction!! Beautiful cruise!
margaret b.
about 3 years ago
Enjoyed the cruise
Kassaundra B.
about 3 years ago
Lunch cruise
The food was awesome we had a great time even though it rained while we were on the boat. The staff were very friendly and attentive I would love to do it again whenever I'm back in Clearwater
Sheri T.
about 5 years ago
The best so far and would go back in there again.
Thuto R.
about 12 months ago
Great cruise, Great food!
We booked this cruise as a group of five and had a great time! The drinks were great as well as the food! And captain Bill was even let people drive the boat!
Heidi S.
about 4 years ago
Lunch Cruise
We had the most amazing time
Erika B.
about 4 years ago
Great time
The food was great, the crew very attentive and polite, captain very informative. Well worth the money!
Christine G.
about 5 years ago
Great experience
The food is great! The cruise is very nice and tropical and you get free beer!
Carlos D.
about 3 years ago
Nice experience good food
Teresa D.
about 2 years ago


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