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Reviews of French Quarter Vampire Walking Tour

Rose was awesome, tour company is not
Rose was awesome and really knew her vampire lore history. She made the tour fun and exciting. Unfortunately I had an experience on another haunted history tour with another guide, Drew, who was was so rude to us that I will not give repeat business to this company.
Michele G.
about 5 years ago
Our tour experience
Gabe was awesome!!! You should be extremely proud to have him as your employee!!!! We will definitely return again!!!!
Marie H.
about 6 years ago
Bobby was a wonderful tour guide. He made our toue fun and informative. My teenage boys loved the more gruesome elements. I forgot to take pictures because I was so wrapped up in the stories.
britani u.
about 6 years ago
Vampire Tour
Lisa was fantastic. She was knowledgeable and funny too. She interwove history and folklore seamlessly. Loved it.
Monica M.
about 6 years ago
Vampire tour
Awesome tour - Lisa slays. She is knowledgeable and entertaining. Very sinister.
Jim G.
about 6 years ago
Not good
For $100 for 2 people, nit a good experience at all. 30 minutes in I was regretting paying that much. Dude was not a good story teller AT ALL. in fact quite boring and unengaging...skip Brandon
Micheal C.
about 2 years ago
Vampire tour!
Bobby was awesome! He told great stories, kept everyone on the edge of their seats!!! It was AWESOME!!!
kim w.
about 5 years ago
Fun in the Quarter
This tour was quite different from the Vampire tour we took in the late 90's. This one was concerned more with current lore such as discussing the "vampire bars", as well as informing us that all our current tips on how to kill vampires is incorrect. Our guide, Bobby, was actually from Transylvania and still had traces of a charming accent, so it added another layer of fun to the trip. This current trip was also much shorter than the former one due to NOLA regulations about when such trips must end. Most of the stories were of more recent vintage and made one think, although it was not so much scary as scholarly. Thank you, Bobby, for a fun evening. You were very informative.
Patti H.
about 6 years ago
Waste of money
Didn’t even finish it.
David W.
about 6 years ago
Our tour guide was very knowledgable, but she needs to drum it down a bit, slow down, move around more and shorten the stories. We stood in just a few places forever!!! It was like a dissertation at every single stop! People visiting NOLA on vacation aren’t looking for anything that serious. My twelve year old had no idea about what she was saying because of the vocabulary and pace; even the 16 year old and 21 year old had trouble paying attention for as long as necessary. I wish we had had a different guide. The description did not match the experience at all. We were very displeased!
Amber H.
about 5 years ago
Awesome tour
The tour was very informative and fun. Definitely recommend to my friend and family.
Alixandria R.
about 6 years ago
Really fun and informative tour!!
My friends and I went on the Vampire Tour on our last night in New Orleans. Our tour guide, Lisa, was very nice and a really engaging storyteller. The tour took place in the french quarters, which has such a beautiful and transcendent vibe at night. If you’re a fan of vampires, or if you just want to walk around some parts of the french quarter at night with a group of strangers, this is the tour for you
Samantha T.
about 6 years ago
Gonna have to watch vampire shows again.
His intensity sold the show. Had no idea vampires could be so interesting. This is a must see for the French Quarter.
Joseph S.
about 3 years ago
Accompanying 2 virgin vampire tour tourists in NOLA
Cedric was an awesome tour guide, I have completed about 6 of these walking tours over the years, so I’m a bit cynical- however Cedric was so knowledgable (more so than the usual guide) he was inclusive for all the group, kind and thoughtful to various people’s needs AND he definitely knew more history than any other tour guide that I have come across here in Nawleens - thank you Cedric!
Dee W.
about 5 years ago
Initial Interaction unfriendly
Initial interaction with the vendor left my group disappointed in the unfriendliness of the, what I would believe to be owner. Tour guide was monotone in presentation and a few of us, personally felt, as though it was hard to hear and a lot of hanging a spot and telling a lengthy story. Been on these tours before and felt as though they were a bit more energetic and engaging. We left the tour by the second stop. In fairness I think most people base their experience on initial interaction. And ours was most certainly unpleasant, unfriendly and certainly not inviting.
Kathy C.
about 6 years ago
Awesome tour and a creative, artistic orator. Would recommend this tour to anyone who enjoys history and theater and the flare for the dramatic.
Paul B.
about 6 years ago
Vampire tour
We would do it again. Bobby was excellent!
Beth P.
about 2 years ago
Wanted it to be awesome
I wanted this tour to be awesome. We went on the 8:30 PM tour on July 2nd. The guide was from Transylvania. Thought that would make it better. The tour was a bit on the dry side and was only made worse by a slightly intoxicated guest. Having attended other tours, he contradicted basic facts about burial practices in the city and leaned more on sensationalized folklore. The description of the tour makes it seem like you will visit a “vampire bar” that does not happen. He walks extremely fast often leaving the group strung out. Unlike other tours there is no beginning and end spot. You finish the tour about 5 blocks away from the start point. We almost left the tour 4-5 times and are sorry we didn’t.
about 6 years ago
Vampire Tour
Rose was our guide and she was PHENOMENAL! We have been on many of these types of tours throughout the country and this was definitely one of our favorites. Rose was insightful, enthusiastic, and very pretty. We had a great time! I highly recommend it.
Jared G.
about 4 months ago
Fantastic stories and tour of the quarter
Had a fantastic tour with Bobby who truly made it a fun experience. Learned lots of historical information on vampires and also legends of New Orleans! Absolutely go and experience this as it is nothing like the ghost tours or other offerings in the city!
Linnea M.
about 6 years ago
Great tour!
There’s a lot of negative feedback on here but we decided to take it anyway, and we loved it! Gwydyn (sp?) was our guide and he was amazing! If you’re into this kind of stuff, this tour is fantastic! Super interesting with all the folklore and history. Would definitely recommend and take it again if we come back!
Kimberly H.
about 6 years ago
Cedric is THEY tour guide in New Orelans!
We took the 8:30 vampire your and we were extremely lucky to get Cedric as our tour guide. If you're going to take a vampire tour of New Orleans, insist on Cedric being your guide. Cedric is not the run of the mill tour guide. He is the standard by which all tour guides should be trained and measured. It was a phenomenal tour!!! So much information shared. Cedric takes his role very seriously. With even a larger than normal group, Cedric made it a vampire tour to be remembered. If you have to go through extra effort or wait to have Cedric as your tour guide, do it because it's totally worth it!!!! Can't wait to go back and do a cemetery tour with him.
James R.
about 5 years ago
We loved it! Our tour guide, Rose Sinister was amazing. Very entertaining and informative. I've since started listening to her podcast!
Nicole H.
about 5 years ago
We were not greeted when we approached the guide. He was smoking and on his phone. Our tour seemed like the last place he wanted to be. He was dry, boring and a little rude. He was informative but with the heat and monotone voice it was painful. So painful... we snuck off and didn’t finish the tour. Very disappointing and we even found ourselves listening to the other tours going past us.
KIersten S.
about 3 years ago


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