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Reviews of Wind and Wine Sunset Sail

Sail, snorkel and kayak
Branzia, Lindsey and Brad were awesome!
Louis K.
about 3 years ago
People were spilling wine and they kept giving them more and they would spill that and they just thought it was funny. Not so funny for us now I had to buy my wife a new purse because the one she had is saturated with wine thanks for nothing it cost more the the trip
Micheal W.
about 3 years ago
Key west wine tasting
Logan and Allie were wonderful hosts. Time out on the water was great as was the sunset. Highly recommend this trip !
Monica F.
about 3 years ago
Everything was great. The atmosphere was small, and crowded and relaxed. The wines were good. The crew was excellent.
Larry V.
about 3 years ago
Best experience!
Austin L.
about 3 years ago
Beautiful Sunset Sail
We loved our experience on the Wind and Wine Sunset Sail. The crew was friendly and great about describing the wines to be tasted. The serving of both wines and appetizers were well organized. Guests were served the individual wines and the different appetizes were served on skewers, which made it very easy to handle. We'd highly recommend this sunset cruise when you're in Key West!
Susan F.
about 3 years ago
Over rates
Wines were no where close to being called fine! Was the slowest sailboat ever traveled! Don’t waste time except if you like sunsets
David D.
about 24 days ago
Sunset cruise
Excellent outing.
Joe S.
about 3 years ago
Snorkel afternoon.
The staff were amazing. We had rough seas so not the best snorkeling, but the service was fantastic and the boat ride was nice.
Kerri M.
about 3 years ago
Tour didn’t cancel so we weren’t refunded but strong winds made for very choppy weather. You could tell the company just wanted to make it’s money and not worried about others safety. We didn’t take the tour and now no one will refund us.
Cade J.
about 3 years ago
Wind and Wine Sunset Cruise
A perfect 2 hour smooth sunset sail on a beautiful boat with experienced captain and crew! Plenty of a variety of wines to go around paired with tasty hors d’oeuvres. Would highly recommend!
Amy N.
about 2 years ago
Perfect sunset cruise
All crewmembers (Logan, Brian and Rose?) were extremely friendly, efficient and helpful. Wines were very good and hor dourves were tasty. Cloudless sky led to a fantastic sunset. Nothing but good vibes. Highly recommended.
John S.
about 2 years ago
A wind and sail
Great time Great crew Would do it again
Patrick L.
about 2 years ago
Great sail
A really fun night - very windy night - with plenty of good finger food and drink choices. Beautiful sunset; great crew and fellow passengers enjoying the sail. Highly recommend.
Mary N.
about 3 years ago
We had a wonderful time.
Kim S.
about 1 year ago
Sunset Sail
Loved this excursion!
Cindy E.
about 3 years ago
Awesome experience
Logan, Allie and Tony were great. The food and wines were very good. The sail was awesome.
Diane M.
about 3 years ago
Great outing!
We had a wonderful time in the wind and wine sunset sail! The crew was AWSOME and the weather was perfect. Will definitely do it again next trip to the Keys!
Tammy C.
about 3 years ago
Sunset and wine sail
Great evening, excellent crew. Highly recommend
Graham G.
about 3 years ago
It was the best experience we have a head.
This was one of the best experience we ever had the crew was amazing and we had a wonderful time very beautiful ride. Excellent performance. Beautiful sunset.we love it so much
Alkete R.
about 3 years ago
Fun Time
I went alone and met some really nice folks. Staff was very good. Gad a great time and recommend it to a friend.
Kevin A.
about 3 years ago
Wine tasting sisl
Great crew, great weather lots of fun
Jeff A.
about 3 years ago
Love this excursion
I booked this for myself and 5 friends. It was most of the group's favorite activity. We have such a great time and the staff was wonderful.
Jenny A.
about 3 years ago
Worth the extra cost
I would highly recommend this trip. The group was small (about 20 people). The staff was very personable and went above and beyond with their service.
Sara a.
about 3 years ago


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