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Reviews of Destin Crab Island Jet Ski Rental

Vacation 2021
Service was very through. Time out on the Jet Ski was reasonable. Our group had the best time. We will use the service again.
Joyce W.
about 3 years ago
Can’t go to Crab Island.
Despite the rental being specifically listed as a Crab Island rental, you’re told not to go there on the jet ski. This didn’t leave much to do, so 20 minutes in we returned the jet ski and left.
Scott M.
about 2 years ago
The “dock boys” were very rude and disinterested in helping me when I first arrived. Once I figured out were to check in the the girls were actually fairly pleasant. I received my pre-operating brief on the Waverunner from a more pleasant “dock boy.” However, he failed to inform me that there was a lot of seaweed and it could impact the performance of the waverunner and what to do if that occurred. I booked the trip for two hours and just over an hour into the ride the waverunner wasn’t running correctly. Long story short, it was due to the seaweed issue that I was never trained/briefed on. I spent over 30 mins of my 2 hour ride talking to them on the phone, dead in the water, and having them help me troubleshoot the issue. Once the seaweed was removed it worked properly. I will never use this company again will tell everyone I know to avoid them too.
Matthew B.
about 3 years ago
Jet ski
Me and the family had a great time...Above expectations
Justin M.
about 2 years ago
Jet Skis
Michael did a great job explaining the safety hazards and setting us up for success. I would definitely recommend and consider using tripshock again.
Jeffery M.
about 3 years ago
Always a pleasure and great experience with X
Karen D.
about 9 months ago
Jet Ski
Great location and instruction. The employees were nice and very informed. Great experience for my teenagers! Would do it again.
Brandi R.
about 1 year ago
Vacation 2021
Service was very through. Time out on the Jet Ski was reasonable. Our group had the best time. We will use the service again.
Joyce W.
about 3 years ago
Super Fun! Crew were awesome!
We totaled 3 adults, 1 child and we had an infant with us that obviously could y ride. They allowed us to come back and dock and switch out. The crew was super friendly and fun! It was a nice time with the family
Natasha A.
about 2 years ago
Highlight of the trip!
Check in was easy. Everyone working there is young but friendly and knowledgeable! I felt safe and had so much fun. The water is absolutely beautiful
Amy M.
about 3 years ago
Had a Good Time!
The process to get a ski boat was fairly smooth. I enjoyed my time on the ski boats. It would have been nice if they had warned us that sharks were in the water BEFORE we went out. Overall, it was safe and fun.
Dacia H.
about 2 years ago
It was a great experience...the training on the equipment was wonderful, as well as very useful, the enjoyment was just wonderful, it was so great we, myself and my wife, went back there next day. The only downfall was time was
Jesse W.
about 2 years ago
Mixed feelings about this place.
Our jetski tipped over and all of us fell into the water. Thank god we had safety floats on. We were under water and in shock and could not flip back the JetSki. The owner was almost yelling at us for not doing this . He seemed more concerned about the JetSki than our lives !! But we would still like to thank him for waiving the $500 deposit back after inspecting the Jet Ski and it had no water damage.
Nagendra S.
about 2 years ago
Fabulous time
friendly staff, Awesome views
Ashley M.
about 3 years ago
Great experience
We absolutely loved our day out on the jet skies under the Destin sun! Everyone was friendly and very helpful!
Silvia V.
about 27 days ago
Girls Trip
My friends and I had a blast on the jet skis! Crab Island was beautiful! Will definitely do it again.
Ann W.
about 2 years ago
Rented Jet Ski’s
Great location, staff, and equipment. Rented 3 ski’s for myself and 4 nieces. It was the highlite of their visit. Thanks for a great and memorable experience.
Richard H.
about 3 years ago
Great experience, my family and I really enjoyed the tour.
Ernest C.
about 3 years ago
All was great
We were able to start 15 mins late as they were fueling the skis but everything was great and smooth. Rental includes the fuel as well. They hold $500 deposit or you can pay $25 to waive it
about 1 year ago
Great experience
Great friendly informative staff. Equipment was flawless.
Joseph M.
about 3 years ago
Nightmare parking
Don’t drive if you can Uber. Absolutely no parking. If you do park you have to leave your keys in case they have to move your car. When did we become such a we work for tips. Every one wants a tip for doing their job. Price was pricy enough I’m sure too was included.
Nick S.
about 3 years ago
The staff was very friendly. I’d highly recommend and plan on booking again
Antoinette A.
about 3 years ago
We had a marvelous ride. Had it wide open and loved it. We are 68 and 69 so for us it was a break away form the aging monster. For just an hour. Wonderful Time . Thank you , The MOSLEYS
Georgia M.
about 3 years ago
Waverunner fun
Had a great time. Quality waverunner!
Jerry B.
about 3 years ago


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