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11/19/2019 ~ 11/25/2019
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11/19/2019 ~ 11/25/2019

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Houmas House Plantation & Gardens Admission & Guided Tour

Houmas House Plantation & Gardens Admission & Guided Tour

19 reviews
Once you've visited Houmas House Plantation and Gardens in person, you'll know why it is called "The Crown Jewel of...
The tour was amazing, the tour guide was super friendly and he was very knowledgable about the property and the vast history of the home. He made it fun and enjoyable for everyone in the group!
This was my second time visiting Houmas House and it was even better than the last! We decided to start with lunch first at Cafe Burnside and omg it was incredible. The buffet is worth every single penny! The fried catfish was literally the best I've ever had and the bread pudding should have some kind of award! After we stuffed ourselves silly, we met up with our tour guide, Suzanna. She rang the bell and started our tour off with a bang! When you enter the house, it's like hearing that "AAAAAaaaaaaAHHHHHH" theme music. It's so gorgeous inside. I love all the stories that are told about the home and its' antiques, art and artifacts. Esp the vampire slayer kit from anne rice! This home is handicap accessible as well as are the grounds. The grounds actually remind me of a botanical garden. Go check this place out and ask for Suzanna as your tour guide, you won't be disappointed!
Our tour guide was awesome. I think her name was Sue Ellen, Bobby Sue, or something like that. Super knowledgable, super friendly, made the whole experience come to life for my wife and i. Thank you for a great experience.
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