Charleston Boat Tours

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What can you expect to see on a boat tour in Charleston?

It depends on the type of boat tour you're on. Some of the top sights to see on a boat tour in Charleston include dolphins, picturesque sunsets, Fort Sumter, The Battery, Ravenel Bridge, and more.

2. What types of boat tours are available?

There are quite a few boat tours available in Charleston, SC that are perfect for family outings and group trips. The top boat tours available in the area include private sails, sunset cruises, combination tours, and more.

3. Are dolphin sightings guaranteed on a Charleston, SC boat tour?

While dolphin sightings cannot be guaranteed since they are wild animals, it’s highly likely that you will see one on any Charleston, SC boat tour! Currently, there is a near a 100% success rate for spotting dolphins in the area.

4. Are boat tours in Charleston kid-friendly?

Yes! Boat tours in Charleston are perfect for all ages and interests. From Harbor Boat Tours to sunset cruises, people of all ages will have a great time. Make sure to check the restrictions prior to booking, since some boat tours are more appropriate for older children when it comes to height and weight requirements.

5. How long are the boat tours?

The boat tours can last from 1.5 hours up to 4 hours.


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