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Destin Deep Sea Fishing Charters

The Swoop Party Boat Fishing

141 reviews
Duration5-8 Hrs.
Hit the Gulf of Mexico with one of the premier party boat fishing outfitters in Destin. The Swoop's captain and crew...
I will make this trip again. I had a lot of fun. I have never fished before I came here, with Oz’s help, I caught fish. The deck crew is fantastic. They have this system down to a science. They know what they’re doing. They’re very helpful, very knowledgeable, and you can tell they love doing this work. Believe me, they work hard.
Crew was very professional
To get to the boat it's easiest to just park at Harborwalk and pay the $10 for parking. If you're doing a morning trip there's a ton of empty spots closest to the booth so you don't have to hike half a mile. The check in booth is literally right beside Margaritaville so it's easy to find as well. We left on time and had a great day on the Swoop for our 6hr trip! It was a little windy and chilly when we went out but Capt Nick had the inside cabin all warm and toasty. It took about 90 minutes to get to our first fishing spot. A deckhand named Oz went over how to bait your hooks and reel them in. We got to use squid and mackeral for bait and the deckhands did an amazing job of untangling our lines and getting the fish off the hooks. We had a full boat of about 40 people so tangled lines did happen. Just nature of the beast. Our bait bin stayed full and when I needed help reeling in a huge Almaco Jack, Oz stepped in and helped me. It was a huge rush and super fun! We came home with some of the biggest mingo snapper I have ever seen as well as my Almaco and white snapper. The crew worked incredibly hard for all their tips. PLEASE bring cash with you to tip these guys out! I would also suggest taking dramamine the night before your trip. Ours was a little rocky and some young girls got sick. AND bring a towel with you. You'll need it to wipe the bait guts off your hands. After the trip was over, our fish were cleaned super quick. We are already planning our next trip! Nothing beats fresh fish tacos for dinner!

Deep Sea Fishing Charter Aboard The Sweet William III

7 reviews
Duration6-12 Hrs.
Venture to sea for a fishing journey of epic proportions aboard the Sweet William II. From 4 hour Catch and Release...
For starters, I own a 33 foot boat. I've captained large parties before. So I know a bit about this. I've also been on many deep sea fishing excursions. Our Captain was terrible. He didn't once say a word to us. He didn't introduce himself, didn't point out where the life jackets where, didn't even so much as look at us. And his deck hand was 17 years old and super green. Every once in a while, the Captain duck out of the bridge to yell at his helper about the rigs not being set correctly. To be fair, it was pouring rain and we had 10 foot swells to deal with. A major storm had been in place for about 12 hours. But the simple fact is that the Captain should have called off the trip. It was me and my three boys...ages 11, 9, and 7. We had no business being out there...and the Captain knew it. And judging by his older appearance, he knew there was no chance we'd catch a thing...which happened to be the case. We got tossed around for 2.5 hours...and I had to call it early because it was too dangerous with the rain, wind and swells. We got two bites the entire time and my boys didn't once even touch a fishing rod. $750...and didn't touch a rod on a fishing trip...what a colossal let down. It was a total joke and complete waste of $750. I will be sure to tell everyone one I know about this experience, the captain, and tripshock.
Been coming to this area the last 6 years and doing fishing trips. They were fair to awful. We hit the jackpot this year w Sweet William Boat Charters. Crew was excellent, helpful and knew where to go to get the fish. Caught several fish including a 50 lb Cobia. Will definately come back to Sweet William!!
Was good fishing. Only problem was the fish were small but plenty. We were told small hooks worked best and it did for small fish. I am not a fish expert but was left wondering if bigger hooks and bait might of landed us a bigger fish. All in all satisfied.

Charter Boat Big Deal

16 reviews
Ship off on a big, comfortable cruiser with your closest friends and family members on a private fishing adventure...
we had lots of fun! we did really want to fish for different kinds of fish. we werent really looking for fish to eat but to try and catch like a cool fish like a shark or something! but we still had a blast would definitely come and do it again! thank yall so much!
Zach was amazing he helped all of us everytime when being needed, we got to catch some really good fishes. Great experience will recommend this crew to anyone!
I spent a lot of time researching boats and companies until I found one that had great reviews in our budget! I read the information on the listings like 12 times, checked facebook to see what's been catching and called Tripshock to ask additional questions. I did my homework so that I knew what I was getting into, I'm a researcher. I like knowing stuff. Even though I have experience fishing in my hometown, I didn't come in with a ton of expectations. Every place you fish and visit is different. The fishing down by the Keys is NOT the same as Destin. Our group is super laid back anyway so it always makes for an easy trip. I have to say, we had the best day on the water! Catching bait was fun, trolling was even better and the deep sea fishing was amazing! Caught our limit on dang near everything! Weather was iffy but it didn't matter bc the fish don't know when it's raining! Thank you to the captain for taking care of us! Our 8 hr trip was worth every penny!!!
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