Destin Jet Ski/Waverunner Rentals

Destin jet ski/waverunner rentals are a thrilling way to explore the captivating Emerald Coast. With crystal clear waters filled with ocean life, the area is perfect for jet skiing. From dolphin watching to zipping through the waters, you can explore miles of coastline while enjoying some of the most incredible views you’ve ever seen. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced pro, everyone can enjoy an adrenaline-filled adventure while discovering secluded islands and navigating around sandbars along the way.
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Featured Jet Ski/Waverunner Rentals in Destin

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Jul 15 - Jul 21

Destin X Jet Ski/Waverunner Rentals - Departing From Destin Harbor

698 ratings
1 - 8 Hrs.
Take in the beautiful sights Crab Island or cruise the Choctawhacthee Bay with a stylish and high-speed jet ski. Destin X Jet Ski/Waverunner Rentals are versatile and sleek and allow for 2 passengers to ride along. Zip through the waves, look for dolphins, or coast to Crab Island for an action-packed day of waves, fun, friends and the sun. Take off from Destin Harbor and enjoy the local attractions. Book your ticket to adventure and fun in the sun today!
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Booked 5 times in last 48 hrs

Crab Island Jet Ski Dolphin Tour

270 ratings
1.5 Hrs.
Enjoy a unique Destin adventure on a Crab Island jet ski dolphin tour from the Destin Marina. With no idle time, an expert guide will lead you and your group out into the Choctawhatchee Bay to the best "dolphin hangout" spots in town. After exploring, your guide will set you free to crank it up and explore the shimmering water of Destin and Fort Walton Beach. Set the pace for your experience but make sure to bring a waterproof camera to snap some amazing shots of dolphins up close. Book your tickets today!
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Booked 8 times in last 48 hrs

Destin Crab Island Jet Ski Rental

212 ratings
1 - 8 Hrs.
Experience the thrill of a lifetime with Destin Crab Island Jet Ski Rental. Jet through the sparkling water of Destin Harbor on a premium Yamaha Jet Ski. You also can enjoy the convenience of having one of the closest departure location points to Crab Island! Feeling adventurous? This is an experience like no other, you can search the Choctawhatchee Bay for happy dolphins or cruise through the miles of open water until your heart is content. Bring up to two friends for a total of three riders and explore Destin, Fort Walton Beach, and beyond! Book your Destin Crab Island Jet Ski Rental today!
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Booked 7 times in last 48 hrs

Destin Boardwalk Waverunner Rental

97 ratings
1 - 8 Hrs.
Hop on a 4-stroke Yamaha Waverunner offering uncompromising power on the aquamarine and emerald waters of Destin, Florida. Skim the water's surface in style and get a thrilling rush of extreme fun in the sun. Your ideal day awaits you, so choose from one to up to eight hours of excitement. Book your Destin Boardwalk Waverunner Rental now!
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Destin Waverunner Rentals with Gilligan's Watersports

1 rating
1 - 4 Hrs.
Get ready to glide atop the emerald green water of Destin, Florida on an exciting waverunner! This 2 seater Jet Ski rental allows you the freedom to ride the waves by yourself or with some company. Cruise the Santa Rosa Sound and Choctawhatchee Bay while admiring the natural beauty that surrounds you. Get the chance to see a vast array of marine wildlife such as dolphins, sting rays, sea turtles, and more while zipping around.
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Crab Island Waverunner Rental

163 ratings
Whether it’s a high-speed bay adventure or slow cruise around Crab Island, you'll create vacation memories of a lifetime with these 3 seater Seadoo! Discover Crab Island and Choctawhatchee Bay with your friends and family on skis that can go up to 50 mph. You will depart 300 yards from Crab Island with a no-wake zone, so you won't have to battle the Destin Harbor boat traffic. You'll get more time on the water! What are you waiting for? Book now!
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Destin Jet Ski Rental

17 ratings
30 Min. - 8 Hrs.
Explore beautiful Destin, Florida as you zip and zoom across its emerald water on your very own jet ski rental. Cruise around at speeds up to 40 mph on a Yamaha Waverunner as you take in the scenery. You can enjoy a slow sightseeing cruise or a high intensity thrill seeking ride that will definitely make you want more. If you are ready for some excitement and laughs, then book your jet ski rental now!
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Booked 2 times in last 48 hrs

Waverunner Dolphin Excursion Departing From Harborwalk Village

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2 Hrs.
Embark on an unforgettable adventure on this thrilling activity that will allow you to explore the hidden gems of the Emerald Coast like never before. With an expert guide guiding you, ride along Okaloosa Island, the Destin Harbor, and beyond! Immersing yourself in the stunning coastal scenery as you cruise through the emerald green and aquamarine water of the Gulf of Mexico. Witness the awe-inspiring sights and sounds of bottlenose dolphins in their natural habitat, marvel at their playful antics as they swim beneath the water, and watch them jump above the waves. Book your Destin Dolphin Excursion on a Waverunner today!
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HarborWalk Village Jet Ski Rental

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1 Hr.
Experience the thrill of jet skiing on the stunning water of Destin, FL with a HarborWalk Village Jet Ski Rental. These personal watercrafts can accommodate up to three passengers or up to 400 pounds, providing both comfort and stability as you race across the waves at speeds of up to 47 mph. Whether you prefer a slow sightseeing cruise along the Emerald Coast or a high-intensity, thrill-seeking ride, these jet skis offer the perfect blend of high-speed excitement and scenic beauty. Book a jet ski rental today!
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Happy's Crab Island Waverunner Rentals

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1 - 4 Hrs.
Experience an unforgettable adventure with Happy's Crab Island Waverunner Rentals in Destin, Florida. Perfect for a fun day with your friends and family, these waverunners offer speeds up to 47 mph with superb stability, reverse ability, and extreme comfort. Take a sightseeing cruise in Choctawhatchee Bay and Crab Island, or even go searching for playful dolphins. Whether you prefer a leisurely ride or a high-intensity thrill-seeking adventure, this experience will definitely make you want more. Book this rental today!
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Jet Ski Rental departing from Okaloosa Island

261 ratings
1 - 8 Hrs.
Check out an excellent way to explore the beautiful waters of the Emerald Coast. Get out on a fast and fun Yamaha GTI jet ski, equipped with neutral and reverse with this Jet Ski Rental departing from Okaloosa Island. Learn some of the best way to spot lots of the amazing local wildlife in their natural habitats. Visit the world famous Crab Island and have an all around amazing adventure. So get out on the water and book your jet ski today!
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Guided Jet Ski Tour

10 ratings
2 Hrs.
Check out one of the best ways to explore the gorgeous Emerald Coast. On this excursion, you will ride on a brand new jet ski that features neutral and reverse. This guided tour is the best way to get out on the water and spot some of the most amazing creatures around...the bottlenose dolphin! Let your guides show you around all the local hot spots and take in the beauty of the day while you're at it. Don't miss your chance to soak up some sun and sightsee local dolphin pods, book your Guided Jet Ski Tour now!
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Jet Ski Island Adventure

48 ratings
1 Hr.
Jump on a jet ski and experience the Emerald Coast. If you are a novice or experienced rider, or just love the idea of cruising around on a jet ski do it like a local. The experienced guides take you to all the best spots, sand bars, and secluded islands. Your tour guide knows where the wildlife is and some of the most breathtaking views of the Intracoastal waterways. Experience a thrilling adventure that takes you along beautiful Okaloosa Island where you'll see a world-famous paradise as well as hopping off to get a few pictures and play in the waters. Book today!
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Crab Island Dolphin Jet Ski Adventure

75 ratings
2 Hrs.
Want to get up close and personal with dolphins but don't know where to go? Climb aboard this guided Crab Island Dolphin Jet Ski tour for an aquatic adventure! Observe the grace & beauty of the area's resident dolphins, as well as other marine life like rays and manatees. Captain your own jet ski with seating for two on an adventure into the shimmering turquoise waters of the Gulf, Destin Harbor, and the Santa Rosa Sound. Together everyone will watch dolphins as they swim, play, feed, and do what comes naturally. Book your ski today!
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Fort Walton Beach Jet Ski Rentals

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1 - 2 Hrs.
Embark on an exhilarating adventure with a Fort Walton Beach Jet Ski Rental! Discover the thrill of gliding across the waves as you ride on a 2023 Yamaha EX Waverunner. Explore the best local spots and hidden secluded islands, providing you with an unforgettable experience. Prepare to be captivated by the breathtaking beauty of the Gulf Coast, from the shimmering sandy beaches to the mesmerizing emerald-green water. Keep your eyes peeled for an array of amazing wildlife, including playful dolphins, graceful pelicans, and soaring seagulls. Add some excitement to your day and make a splash with this jet ski rental. Book today!
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Booked 2 times in last 48 hrs

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best time of the day to rent a jet ski with less boating traffic?

In the morning around 8am - 9am

2. Do i need to take a FL boaters test if i have a boaters license from a different state?

As long as your boaters license has NASBLA on it then no. You must have the physical ID and your photo ID present at the time of renting the vessel. Learn more about boating tests including age limits, and where to take your test online, in our Destin boaters license guide.

3. How long does the boaters test take if i need to take it?

The boaters test is at your speed, It could take anywhere from 30 min to an hour.

4. Do i have to retake the test again if i rent jet skis two days in a row?

No, you do not. The test is good for a year from the date you got it. But you must bring it back along with your photo ID.

5. Why can't the jet skis go into the Gulf?

The jet skis aren't aloud to go into the gulf because of the waves and the boating traffic coming in and out of the mouth of the gulf. Most people renting jet skis, this is their first time and you want to make it a memorable time. Not a scary time. The gulf is huge and boats way bigger than a ski are out there. There are really no safe pontoon, jet ski, kayak, or paddleboard rentals that can enter the Gulf. If you want to see the sights of the Gulf of Mexico, we recommend a boat tour, including Crab Island tours or a Destin dolphin tour.


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