Destin Paddleboard Rentals

Renting a paddleboard in Destin is the perfect way to enjoy and explore the spectacular emerald waters of the Gulf Coast. With miles of exquisite beaches, translucent lagoons, and tons of options for experienced or beginner paddlers alike, Destin is one of the most coveted destinations for paddleboarding. Float by spectacular scenery while keeping your eyes peeled for marine wildlife such as sea turtles and dolphins. From leisurely rides around the area to challenging adventures, Destin paddleboard rentals have something for everyone.
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I paddleboard in Destin?

If you like to paddleboard, Destin is the perfect place for you. The waters in the Gulf of Mexico are calm, so paddleboarding here is easy.

2. What is the best time of day to paddleboard?

The best time of day to paddleboard is in the morning since there tends to be less wind.

3. Is it easy to paddleboard in Destin if you’re a newbie?

Most newbies are able to stand up and paddleboard after just a little instruction.

4. What’s the best way to paddleboard with kids?

Children younger than 5 years old should sit on the paddleboard with you, while kids older than 5 can learn to paddleboard on their own. It’s best to check that the paddleboard is the right size for your child.

5. Do I need a lifejacket to paddleboard in Destin?

Although it's not legally required to wear a life jacket while on the water, it's a good idea to wear one that will fit comfortably.


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