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01/27/2020 ~ 02/02/2020

Destin Party Boat Fishing Trips

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Deep Sea Fishing Party Boat in Destin

Deep Sea Fishing Party Boat in Destin

1226 reviews
Duration4-10 Hrs.
Embark on an unforgettable offshore fishing adventure with the friendly folks at Olin Marler Charters. Party boat...
Although the waters were very choppy and some of us were sea sick, it was a memorable trip we will never forget! We caught 11 fish and saw dolphins!
Had a good time for my 10 year old sons birthday, caught the biggest fish of his life and the crew were very helpful keeping him going.
My husband caught and kept 16 fish... white snapper and mingo. Too many to cook and eat during our vacation, so he had them frozen and shipped home by Destin Seafood Ice, where we had visited two days before to buy shrimp and snacks for visiting relatives. Boat staff recommended Sextons, but we went there, and they no longer ship. I just went along for the ride, by choice. One mistake I made... I thought Nov. in FL would be warmer, and I had a light "hoodie." We started the trip at the front of the boat. I got splashed, very cold, and boat was moving too much for me to get back inside quickly enough. Next time, I would stay inside the cabin and dress warmer. Still, a great experience, and so glad that my husband enjoyed this and caught so many fish. Someone else caught a very large grouper.
from $65
The Swoop Party Boat Fishing

The Swoop Party Boat Fishing

269 reviews
Duration5-8 Hrs.
Hit the Gulf of Mexico with one of the premier party boat fishing outfitters in Destin. The Swoop's captain and crew...
I was not happy that I was directed to your site when I put the swoop party boat in my search. I was going with a group of 11 friends and paid the highest price out of all of them. I will never make that mistake again and neither will any of my friends.
Enjoyed experience. Deck hands were kind and helpful. Captain made sure we found fish.
The crew was over the top with helping everyone on the boat. They made the experience very memorable! Would definitely recommend!
Semi-Private Group Fishing Charter

Semi-Private Group Fishing Charter

112 reviews
Duration4-10 Hrs.
Group Charter Fishing with Olin Marler is great for people looking for a genuine deep sea fishing adventure, but prefer...
the deckhands were great. the dolphins were pretty busy stealing our fish but we still had a good time.
Staff very helpful and friendly. Had a wonderful time. We were able to take our catch to a nearby restaurant and have it cooked for dinner. Perfect for a first time fishing experience.
It was great and the crew of the tropical winds did a good job
from $125
Destin Party Boat Fishing Excursion Aboard Vera Marie

Destin Party Boat Fishing Excursion Aboard Vera Marie

213 reviews
Duration5-7 Hrs.
Enjoy a fun family fishing adventure aboard the Vera Marie, a 75' walk-around vessel that raises the bar for party...
I took my daughter for the first time and she had a fantastic time.
The crew was great! Super friendly and very attentive to everyone on board. The boat was spacious and even provided an air conditioned area for the passengers who needed to cool off and grab a snack or drink. We a family of 6 caught 43 fish and had a great time!!! We highly recommend!
It was GREAT and we really appreciate the Crew see you guys next time and God Blessings upon each of you
Charter Boat Phoenix Deep Sea Fishing Excursion

Charter Boat Phoenix Deep Sea Fishing Excursion

2 reviews
Duration4-36 Hrs.
Enjoy big game fishing and endless adventure aboard the Charter Boat Phoenix! Catch popular species like red snapper,...
We had a fantastic time! The water was rough but our captain did a great job keeping us on the fish and as smooth as possible. The crew was attentive and helpful with our teenage boys’ first deep sea fishing trip. They caught so many fish they were exhausted. I highly recommend this boat.
Our trip with the Charter Boat Phoenix was a great end to our vacation. Cpt Scott and First Mate Justin took great care of us. Within, the first 20 minutes of fishing we had our quota of big Amberjack. The boat was clean and well maintained. We felt very safe at all times and had a blast. It was deep sea fishing at its best.