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03/28/2020 ~ 04/03/2020

Destin Stand Up Paddleboard Rentals

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Destin Harbor Stand Up Paddleboard Rental

Destin Harbor Stand Up Paddleboard Rental

4 reviews
Stand up paddleboarding is a great way to enjoy the Destin Harbor and Noriega Point. Paddle at your leisure and take in...
First time to go paddle boarding; instruction given was adequate, equipment was good, time versus cost of rental was in line. For first timers the harbor is not the place to learn, its very busy with boat and jet ski traffic so you get in their way and the waves they create makes it more challenging to stand up. Overall it was a positive experience.
The Mighty Megalodon Stand Up Paddleboard Rental

The Mighty Megalodon Stand Up Paddleboard Rental

6 reviews
Duration1-7 Days
Try GUSU's newest Giant SUP board, The Mighty Megalodon!! It is a massive 18 foot long board that holds 6 people or...
Booked a last minute sunset paddleboarding without any problems. Everyone was super nice! Our guide contacted us before our meeting time and sent directions...
GUSU was positioned right in front of our condo on Miramar beach. $16 for a double kayak rental for an hour. $27 for 3 hours. The kayak was in good...
My friend and I had such an awesome experience with GUSU and Brett. We had never gone paddle boarding before this, so we are super beginners. The price...
Stand Up Paddleboard Rental at LuLu's Destin

Stand Up Paddleboard Rental at LuLu's Destin

2 reviews
Duration1-8 Hrs.
Stand up paddleboarding (SUP) is the fastest growing water sport in the world! It’s easy to learn, yet challenging as...
Great place to paddle board. No issues with parking and clear open water to be on. Lulus added a fun atmosphere. Only note is to get to the paddle boards, just walk through Lulus to the beach.
Took my daughter out to do some paddleboarding and I am so glad this is the location we chose. When we got to Lulu's we went through the gift shop on the left to the beach. Once on the beach the paddle check in booth was straight back on the left, this is where we met Julia. She was so sweet and got us checked in and had a space for us to put our beach bag/shoes. Once we were ready we went with her down the steps and into the water. We got set up on boards and Julia gave us instructions on how to paddle/stand up as this was our first time. A nice thing about this location and our beginner status: the water is about knee to thigh high in a pretty big part of the paddling area. That way, if you get tired or are having a hard time navigating you can simply get off your board and walk if necessary. Getting going and even to standing did not take long, we were both standing adn paddling with ease following Julia's directions. It was a wonderful time with my daughter and a beautiful location to paddle. We will definitely recommend them to friends and family!