Hilton Head Eco Tours

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May 25 - May 31

Hilton Head Guided Kayak Tour

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1.5 Hrs.
Experience nature at its finest with this Hilton Head Guided Kayak Tour. Glide through the water of Skull Creek as your eco-guide shows you the beauty around you. Paddle to your heart's content as you are enriched with knowledge about local history and its wildlife. See this rich saltwater ecosystem and its indigenous species of bird wildlife such as the brown pelican, egrets, herons, osprey, bald eagles, and many more. Get up close and personal with the area's beloved Atlantic bottlenose dolphins! Hilton Head is home to over 100 local dolphins living there year-round, and is also located on the migratory path for these spectacular mammals. Don’t be surprised to see these curious creatures swimming right alongside your kayak! Single and tandem kayaks available. Book your kayak today!
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Hilton Head Guided Paddleboard Tour

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1 Hr.
Stand up paddleboarding focuses on creating core strength and stability as you float on top of the pristine water. Come walk on water with these experienced and knowledgeable guides with this Hilton Head Guided Paddleboard Tour. Learn the basic techniques as you explore the calm waterways of Skull Creek. Navigate through the serene low country marsh-ways as you encounter endless species of indigenous wildlife, including Atlantic bottlenose dolphins and many types of birds such as the brown pelican, egrets, herons, osprey, bald eagles, and many more. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced paddler, this tour is for you! Bring the whole family for a gorgeous day on the water. Book your paddleboard today!
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Hilton Head Guided Kayak Tour

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1.5 Hrs.
Experience nature out on the waves with this guided kayak tour. Explore the calm water of Broad Creek and take in the unbeatable views of the Hilton Head coastline on a top-of-the-line single or tandem kayak. Learn about the rich history and diverse ecosystem of the island from an expert guide as you paddle your heart out. Cruise through pristine saltwater marshlands and observe indigenous bird species including egrets, herons, ospreys, brown pelicans, and bald eagles. Be sure to also keep an eye out for area Atlantic bottlenose dolphins swimming playfully. Get ready to discover what makes this island so extraordinary, book your tour today!
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What types of eco-tours are available?

Hilton Head offers a variety of eco-tours to choose from. Guided kayak tours, sunrise kayak tours, and shrimp trawling expeditions are among the most popular.

2. How long are eco-tours?

Eco-tours usually last 1 to 2 hours.

3. What will I see on an eco-tour in Hilton Head?

Depending on the eco-tour you choose, you can see Skull Creek, saltwater marshes, and amazing wildlife.

4. Am I guaranteed to see dolphins on an eco-tour?

Dolphins are wild animals, so sightings are not guaranteed. However, they often make themselves visible during eco-tours in Hilton Head.

5. Are eco-tours kid-friendly?

Yes! Anyone who enjoys spending time out on the waters will love eco-tours in Hilton Head. Make sure to check the restrictions section so that you will be aware of any age, height, and weight requirements.


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