Key West, FL > Sunset Dinner
12/09/2019 ~ 12/15/2019

Key West Sunset Dinner

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Key West Sunset Dinner Cruise

Key West Sunset Dinner Cruise

65 reviews
Duration2 Hrs.
Enjoy a delicious dinner, drinks, and a beautiful sunset at sea with a friendly crew. Dig in to an incredible tropical...
We were expecting a good experience, but what we got exceeded our expectatons. The staff were all great, the buffet was excellent - not easy when feeding 50 people on a boat - and the entertainment from Toko was really fun (I even got a little karaoke slot!) With a bit of unsettled weather over our few days in the Keys we got lucky with that too. Highly recommended and very good value for money.
We had the best time. The food was excellent and the service was amazing. Highly recommend
My husband has cancer and is receiving chemo. Buffets are not advised because he can become ill from the least amount of germs. When the crew found out they allowed him and myself to go through the buffet line first. Tears came to my eyes because we were going to cancel this trip but the doctors felt we needed it. I am so glad we went, the sunset was amazing, the food was wonderful and the experience was above and beyond our dreams. Thank you to all the crew and the entertainment. Everyone needs to see this once in a lifetime.
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