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Jet Ski Island Tour by Sunset Watersports

8 reviews
Duration2 Hrs.
Treat yourself to an action-packed, 28 mile Jet Ski tour among the sparkling waters of Key West and beyond. Join...
Our two guides were very helpful, fun, and friendly. The location is beautiful. You get a variety of places to ride in both calm and open sea water. The equipment was in great repair. We were a group of three larger ladies and a younger girl on 2 skis. At first we had been worried that we were too out of shape to do the jet skiing, but we were able to. Also, they had life jackets that fit us. We did discover that out in the open ocean, holding on as the rider is a lot harder. I would say, when you doubt your ability to jet ski, be the driver! The small downsides: We were not informed until embarking on our ride that the guides worked solely for tips. It would have been better if we could have planned for that. The group is pretty large so we didn't always get to hear all the tour guide information. Also, you are stuck with whatever foolishness the people in front of you are doing. The bus driver's were not super friendly or helpful. Seems like they could have provided a little information about Key West while on the drive and they most certainly could have given us better directions to the ride location after they dropped us off. We spend 15 minutes walking around in deep sand going completely the wrong way. But we did appreciate that they had transportation from town to the jet ski location.
First time on jet ski and was able to keep up with the fast pack. Awesome speed and maneuvering and my wife had to hang on! Guides were excellent and would stop to check that everyone was fine with the tour.
Great adventure just don’t wear expensive glasses in case you fall in the ocean
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