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Jun 24 - Jun 30

Millionaire's Row Miami Sightseeing Cruise

117 ratings
90 Min.
Feast your eyes on mansions and yachts galore as you explore Miami on this Millionaire's Row Miami Sightseeing Cruise. This fully-narrated, bilingual sightseeing cruise along scenic Biscayne Bay will delight all of your senses as you take in the beauty of the electric Miami skyline. You will also see the Port of Miami, Fisher Island, Miami Beach and, of course, the famous “Millionaire’s Row" home to the rich and famous. This cruise is a laid-back sightseeing experience where you and your guests can enjoy the gorgeous views of Miami and relax aboard a luxurious yacht. Book your Millionaire's Row Miami Sightseeing Cruise today!
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Miami Boat Tour - Celebrity Homes & Millionaire Mansions

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1.5 Hrs.
Embark on an exclusive Miami's Top Celebrity Homes Boat Tour, offering a glimpse into the world of the rich and famous. This narrated journey transcends mere luxury, delving into the heart of Miami's history and beauty. Cruise along Millionaires Row, where opulent lifestyles unfold against the backdrop of the Downtown Miami Skyline. Experience the epitome of glamour and elegance as you navigate the sparkling water, immersing yourself in the splendor of Miami's celebrated residences and the stories that accompany them. Book your experience today!
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Miami Sip & Sea: Sunset Boat Tour & Cocktail Cruise

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1.5 Hrs.
Embark on a Miami Sip & Sea: Sunset Boat Tour & Cocktail Cruise, which is a perfect blend of scenic beauty, cultural richness, and a relaxed yet refined atmosphere. Departing from Bayside Marketplace, the journey unfolds along the Downtown Miami Skyline and the extravagant Millionaires Row, offering a key to unlock the vibrant pulse of Miami from the glistening water of Biscayne Bay. This is more than just a cruise; it is an enchanting experience that epitomizes the charm and glamour of Miami nights—a perfect fusion of elegance and the city's magnetic allure. Have yourself a Girl's Night Out or date night with your loved one. Book this experience today!
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Wynwood Buggies Tour

1 rating
60 Min.
Head out on this Wynwood Buggies Tour for an exciting ride through Miami's world renowned Wynwood Art District. Climb into a comfortable electric golf cart for some fresh air and Miami sunshine, as you explore Wynwood's nooks and crannies and see the art missed by most tours. This behind the scenes adventure takes you past jaw-dropping murals and insane street art, while you learn about Wynwood and its artists from folks so local, they have their own mural. See Wynwood like you've never seen it before, book your Wynwood Buggies Tour Today!
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Miami Beach Boat Tour & Sunset Cruise

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1.5 Hrs.
Glide across Biscayne Bay, captivated by the mesmerizing descent of the sun, painting the sky in hues of oranges and pinks. This magical experience seamlessly blends Miami's iconic skyline with the natural beauty of a Florida sunset. Discover Millionaires Row, the Venetian Causeway & Islands, and the allure of the Miami skyline, enriched with tales of Miami's cinematic history and developmental legends. Relax, sip your favorite drink, and let narrated stories of the Port of Miami, Star Island, and Fisher Island transport you into the enchanting beauty of Miami at twilight. This tour is a sensory delight beyond sightseeing. End your day surrounded by the setting sun! Book your sunset experience today!
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Miami Skyline Boat Tour - Waterfront Views on Biscayne Bay

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1.5 Hrs.
Embark on an extraordinary Sightseeing Cruise of Biscayne Bay in Miami, Florida. Glide along Miami's waterways to witness the breathtaking Downtown Miami Skyline, opulent homes of the rich and famous, and the serene beauty of iconic islands. Listen as the knowledgeable guide shares vibrant stories, bringing Miami's history and culture to life. Whether you're capturing the perfect photo, spending quality time with family, or indulging in a moment of relaxation, this sightseeing cruise is your ticket to the best Miami has to offer. Step aboard for an unforgettable journey filled with stunning views and rich narratives that showcase the essence of Miami's allure. Book your experience today!
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Miami to Everglades Airboat Tour

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3.5 Hrs.
Enjoy an action packed day of fun on this Miami to Everglades Airboat Tour. Catch a bus to the Everglades and see the Miami landscape on the way. Fly through the famous River of Grass. Learn all about the beautiful and unique Everglades ecosystem from your experienced captain and guide. Take some of his favorite trails through the brush. Hear some of the best stories while you keep an eye out for alligators, native birds and flowers. Take a trip into the lush Florida wetlands and listen to tales of the grasslands and experience the rich history of South Florida and the Everglades.
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Little Havana Walking Tour

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2 Hrs.
Take an exciting journey through Little Havana on this fun adventure. This guided walking tour through Miami's Cuban district is fused with all things Latin. Enjoy the sights and sounds of this colorful and artsy area while sampling local brews, the famous mojito, coffee, and more. For a cool tour through one of Miami's hottest neighborhoods, book your Little Havana Walking Tour today!
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Flamingo Gardens Admission Tickets

25 ratings
Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Florida with a trip to Flamingo Gardens, a 60-acre wildlife sanctuary and botanical gardens. Founded by Floyd L. and Jane Wray as an orange grove, Flamingo Gardens was established in 1927 and is one of the oldest botanical gardens in South Florida. Flamingo Gardens Everglades Wildlife Sanctuary gives residence to permanently injured and non-releasable birds and animals, and is home to the largest collection of Florida native wildlife - including alligators, bears, bobcats, eagles, otters, panthers, peacocks, and of course, flamingos. So don't miss out on a real Florida adventure, book your tickets now!
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Hard Rock Guitar-Miami Beach Helicopter Tour Experience

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45 Min.
Join a unique experience from the moment you arrive until the end as you fly from North to South through the Hollywood area, Hard Rock Guitar, Miami Beach, Fort Lauderdale, and Pompano Beach. This guided tour will allow you to appreciate part of this beautiful city from a different perspective, from the buildings, mansions, and construction, to the variety of wild-ocean life. If it’s your lucky day, which it will be, you can see dolphins, sharks, turtles, rays, manatees, and more. While you are flying over the ocean, near the shoreline, you will be amazed at how close these species can get to you when you are having fun at the beach. In general, flying in a helicopter generates different emotions, from facing your fears to experiencing a high sense of amazement, gratitude, and happiness. Book today!
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Miami, FL, handicap accessible?

Absolutely, Miami, Florida is known for its accommodating atmosphere, with handicap services available from the moment you land until your departure. Most places will be fully accessible throughout the city, including many restaurants, hotels, neighborhoods, museums, attractions, shopping malls, entertainment venues, etc. Even further, many Miami companies will offer accessibility equipment rentals and handicap accessible tours. Many Miami beaches are even handicap accessible, with Mobi-Mats and beach wheelchairs available to rent at certain locations for free, on a first-come first-served basis.

2. What are the top Miami handicap accessible things to do?

The top Miami handicap accessible activities include the following: day trips and excursions, museums, city tours, pub crawls, air tours, and sightseeing cruises.

3. What are the best ways to see the city for those with accessibility needs?

There are incredible sightseeing options for those with accessibility needs in Miami. You can even choose if you’d like to explore by land, air, or sea! Helicopter tours are a great way to get a bird’s eye view of Miami, and see the area from a whole new perspective. Boat tours also provide unique insight and stunning scenic views of the skyline and beyond. City tours come in all shapes and sizes, and are definitely a great way to relax and ride in style!

4. Is transportation available?

This will vary depending on the activity you select, but some tours do provide transportation to and from the activity. Please be sure to go over the restrictions before booking, as it will have detailed information regarding transportation and accessibility. If you need assistance booking an accessible tour, please call TripShock at 850-424-5125.


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