Miami Sunset Cruises

Experience the unsurpassed beauty of Miami from the water with a captivating sunset cruise. These cruises offer a picturesque view of the city's skyline as the sun dips beneath the horizon. Known for its shimmering waters and notable landmarks, Miami offers the perfect setting for an enchanting evening on the water. Set your eyes on panoramic views of Miami's breathtaking skyline, the downtown area, and celebrity homes! Whether you're a local or a visitor, Miami sunset cruises offer a spectacular way to experience the city. With the cool ocean breeze and the setting sun painting the sky in colorful hues, it's an experience you won't soon forget.
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Featured Sunset Cruises in Miami

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Jun 24 - Jun 30

Miami Sip & Sea: Sunset Boat Tour & Cocktail Cruise

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1.5 Hrs.
Embark on a Miami Sip & Sea: Sunset Boat Tour & Cocktail Cruise, which is a perfect blend of scenic beauty, cultural richness, and a relaxed yet refined atmosphere. Departing from Bayside Marketplace, the journey unfolds along the Downtown Miami Skyline and the extravagant Millionaires Row, offering a key to unlock the vibrant pulse of Miami from the glistening water of Biscayne Bay. This is more than just a cruise; it is an enchanting experience that epitomizes the charm and glamour of Miami nights—a perfect fusion of elegance and the city's magnetic allure. Have yourself a Girl's Night Out or date night with your loved one. Book this experience today!
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Miami Romantic Sunset Tour

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2 Hrs.
Hop aboard a romantic boat tour and enjoy the views of Miami's city lights from the bay. See all the sights and tall buildings as you relax, sipping your champagne or chosen beverage. Cruise by notable celebrity homes or anywhere you like as your captain is flexible on route. If you are looking for something low key to get in some quality time with your loved ones, this is the trip for you. Don't miss out, book your Romantic Sunset Tour today.
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Miami Beach Boat Tour & Sunset Cruise

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1.5 Hrs.
Glide across Biscayne Bay, captivated by the mesmerizing descent of the sun, painting the sky in hues of oranges and pinks. This magical experience seamlessly blends Miami's iconic skyline with the natural beauty of a Florida sunset. Discover Millionaires Row, the Venetian Causeway & Islands, and the allure of the Miami skyline, enriched with tales of Miami's cinematic history and developmental legends. Relax, sip your favorite drink, and let narrated stories of the Port of Miami, Star Island, and Fisher Island transport you into the enchanting beauty of Miami at twilight. This tour is a sensory delight beyond sightseeing. End your day surrounded by the setting sun! Book your sunset experience today!
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is sunset a good time to see dolphins on a sunset cruise?

Although it’s not guaranteed that you will see a dolphin, there’s a good chance that you will see one on a sunset cruise.

2. How far in advance do I need to book a private sunset cruise?

Since sunset cruises are popular, it’s best that you book your tour as soon as you know the date and time you want to go.

3. Are there sunset cruises that offer food and beverages?

Some sunset cruises offer food and beverages. It’s best to review the additional information section prior to booking.

4. I want to plan a proposal on a sunset cruise, is that possible?

Yes, it is possible. Our captains go out of their way to ensure every customer has a memorable experience.

5. I have a group of 10+, can you accommodate that?

Yes. Bigger vessels are able to accommodate large groups. Contact our customer service representatives, and we will help you find the right tour.


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