New Orleans Bus Tours

Bus tours are an excellent way to explore the diverse and historic city of New Orleans in a whole new way. A perfect sightseeing option for families, you will get a robust and exciting overview of the Big Easy’s most notable landmarks and attractions like Jackson Square, the Garden District, and the French Quarter. These tours offer a safe and comfortable way to explore the city so you can kick back and relax while enjoying the magnificent sights and sounds of New Orleans. Whether you're a first-time visitor or a frequent traveler to this popular destination, a bus tour is a fantastic way to experience everything New Orleans has to offer.
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Jun 22 - Jun 28

BYOB Nightly Cemetery Bus Tour

215 ratings
2 Hrs.
A visit to the famous “Cities of the Dead” has become a must-do during any visit to New Orleans. So many travelers want to see the hauntingly beautiful and elaborately ornate cemeteries at night. Expert paranormal investigators and tour guides provide stories of ghosts, past and present, which will chill guests to the core! Use EMF Meters in the cemetery to detect paranormal activity. Book now for a spooky cemetery tour guests don't want to miss!
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New Orleans Double Decker Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tours

516 ratings
See New Orleans in a whole new way. City Sightseeing is the most convenient, fun, and affordable sightseeing tour around. Ride along on one of the classic red, double-decker, open-top buses with live guided commentary. You are free to exit the buses whenever and wherever, spending as much time as desired in your preferred locations. The tour route includes stops at all New Orleans’ top attractions, shops, and restaurants with discounts and deals all along the way, so don't miss the bus, hop on a New Orleans Double Decker Hop-On Hop-Off Bus today!
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New Orleans City & Cemetery Tour

21 ratings
3 Hrs.
Explore the history and mystery of New Orleans on this New Orleans City & Cemetery Tour! Join an experienced and entertaining tour guide as you visit and learn all about famous destinations like the French Quarter, Jackson Square, historic cemeteries, and a Hurricane Katrina Tour. Enjoy expert narration and even visit the levee breach, the homes of former Kings and Queens of Mardi Gras, the Garden District, Tulane and Loyola Universities, Audubon Park, and so much more! Grab your tickets and get outside! Book your tour today!
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NOLA City & Cemetery Small Group Tour by Mini Bus

28 ratings
3 Hrs.
See the sights and experience the culture of New Orleans by the comfort of a small group minibus. The small size of the minibus allows guests to pass through the French Quarter, viewing street performers and Bourbon Street, before the creole mansions along Esplanade Avenue. A quick stop in City Park gives travelers the opportunity to grab beignets and chickory coffee from the world-famous Cafe' du Monde or walk through the Sculpture Garden for a few artful selfies. Guests will also see the Ninth Ward, a neighborhood devastated by Hurricane Katrina, the Garden District and it’s opulent mansions home to Mardi Gras royalty and celebrities, the Treme- the oldest African American neighborhoods and the home of jazz, the Superdome, and more! This city tour also includes a brief cemetery tour, where guests walk amongst the above-ground tombs and discover the city who put the "fun in funeral". Only a few seats are available each day so hurry up and book and don't miss out on the culture that the city offers!
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3 Hour Comprehensive City Tour Highlighting Hurricane Katrina Recovery

48 ratings
3 Hrs.
See the rebirth of a flooded city 15 years after it was devastated. Join this 3 Hour Comprehensive City Tour Highlighting Katrina Recovery and New Orleans' vibrant culture. Hop on a comfortable minibus and see the original French Settlement, the French Quarter, and learn what has changed or what has stayed the same throughout the city's 300-year legacy. See the lingering effects of Hurricane Katrina throughout the city and discover the strides that the city has made in the last decade to better prepare for the next storm. Book your spot today!
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Dead of Night - Ghost & Graveyard Bus Tour

80 ratings
1.5 - 2 Hrs.
Climb aboard a comfortable, air-conditioned bus and escape into the darkness at some of the most haunted locations outside of the French Quarter. Guests will cross one of the most notorious streets in the French Quarter once referred to as, "The Port of Missing Men." Visit the location of one of the city's most haunted grounds and hear stories of murder, betrayal, and some of New Orleans scariest urban legends. Learn why New Orleans really is the Most Haunted City in America and book today!
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New Orleans City Bus Tour

17 ratings
2.5 Hrs.
See a different side of New Orleans with this unique, must-see New Orleans City Bus Tour. Stretch out on a cozy tour bus and allow your expert guide to show you how things are done in NOLA. Experience a city's rich heritage, culture, and neighborhoods. See the famed Vieux Carre and ride through other must-see neighborhoods like ByWater, the Garden District, and see the natural beauty of City Park where you will be free to stroll in Sculpture Garden. You may also opt to enjoy beignets and chicory coffee from Cafe du Monde for an additional cost. Don't miss the bus, book your New Orleans City Bus Tour today!
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Haunted City Cemetery Bus Tour

2 ratings
2 Hrs.
Welcome to New Orleans, Louisiana’s most haunted city! Enjoy a 2 hour bus tour while you search for paranormal activity. Your tour guide will lead the way with an EMF reader and explain how to use them to search for paranormal activity. Feel free to bring your own meter and share your findings! Be sure to ask your guide to see the videos of documented ghosts and spirits that haunt several locations on this tour. This tour explores the cities historically haunted neighborhoods making several stops that allow guests to explore the city and search for the paranormal. Based on the happenings around the city, your guide will modify your tour so you maximize your chance at experiencing the best New Orleans has to offer! Be sure to share your stories with the group because the more you delve into the mood of the evening the more exciting the experience. Don't miss out, book your spot today!
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New Orleans City & Small Airboat Swamp Tour Combo

3 ratings
7 - 8 Hrs.
Get out on the water and enjoy a Cajun blast through the waterways. On the first half of the tour, enjoy 3 unforgettable hours touring the city of New Orleans from the comfort of an airconditioned mini-bus. Learn the history of the Creoles and hear about their unique culture, see the highlights of the city, and ride through some of the areas that were affected by Katrina’s flood waters. The second half of the tour is a fun and thrilling airboat tour through the swamps of Barataria. Get up-close to alligators and more! The airboat tour dock is a short 22-mile drive from the world-famous French Quarter. Don't miss out, book your New Orleans City & Airboat Swamp Tour Combo by Louisiana Tour Company today!
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New Orleans Ghost Bus Tour

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2 Hrs.
Take a mystical journey through the haunted streets of New Orleans and be drawn to the dark side of this historic city known for its spiritual connections, horrific tragedies, and mysterious paranormal activity, this unique city bus tour is sure to be the highlight of the night! Visit hidden locations of the city while exploring the lore of New Orleans and the deep south. Find yourself on the verge of historic cemeteries, hear about unexplained phenomena and rituals of veiled purpose, and hear blood-curdling tales of ghosts, witches, vampires, and voodoo. Listen to the tragic tales of love, betrayal, misfortune, and death that will undoubtedly make for the most suspenseful evening. Book your New Orleans Ghost Bus Tour today!
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New Orleans Historical City Tour

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4 Hrs.
Enjoy this small group city tour of New Orleans with a wide variety of sights and sounds of the French Quarter, Jackson Square, French Market, St. Louis Cemetery #3, City Park, Lake Pontchartrain, and the Garden District. Included is a walking tour of the Besthoff Sculpture Gardens at NOMA in City Park. This city tour is fully narrated so guests will hear the stories of the famous people who made this city so intriguing. From the streets of the city to the shores of Lake Pontchartrain, this tour is full of fun history and excitement!
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Laura Plantation Tour with Transportation from New Orleans Hotels

10 ratings
5.5 Hrs.
Savor Southern majesty with a classic New Orleans plantation tour and round trip transportation to and from guest's hotel. Step back in time to Laura Plantation on a half-day adventure into the history and mystery of the Great River Road. Home to some of the most significant and picturesque real estate in America, this plantation experience is sure to amaze, enlighten, and inspire as history comes alive. Book now!
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Whitney Plantation Admission & Guided Tour with Transportation from New Orleans

10 ratings
5.5 Hrs.
Savor Southern majesty with a classic New Orleans plantation tour and round trip transportation to and from guest's hotel. Step back in time at Whitney Plantation on a half-day adventure into the history and mystery of the Great River Road. Within the boundaries of the "Habitation Haydel", Whitney Plantation tells the story of the Haydel family and the slaves that occupied the property. Discover educational and awe-inspiring museum exhibits, artwork, and historic buildings resorted to exemplify their centuries-old look and feel. Book your spot today!
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Cemetery Insiders Tour with Transportation

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1.5 Hrs.
Join in on a journey through three of New Orleans’ hallowed historical cemeteries. On this tour, your master storyteller will lead you through a maze of above-ground tombs in Masonic Cemetery #1, St. Patrick Cemetery #2, and the Katrina Memorial at Charity Hospital Cemetery. From burial customs and traditions and the history of the Masons and Catholics in New Orleans, to the deaths of thousands buried in the graveyard behind the Katrina Memorial. This tour will leave you with feelings of trepidation and excitement, as well as a reverence for the city’s incredible history. Book now for a spooky cemetery tour you don't want to miss!
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Airboat Swamp & Oak Alley Plantation Tour

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8.5 Hrs.
Get whisked away for an authentic Louisiana backcountry experience on the Airboat Swamp & Oak Alley Plantation Tour. Leave New Orleans and enjoy a scenic drive to Louisiana's most photographed plantation, the beautiful Oak Alley, where you will receive a guided tour. Marvel at the tree-lined drive, step inside the grand main house and stroll the beautiful grounds. From Oak Alley, you will journey to the wetlands for an educational and thrilling airboat ride and swamp tour. Book now!
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are bus tours a great way to get around New Orleans?

New Orleans bus tours are a great way to get around the city! The Hop On Hop Off bus tour is the perfect example of this. With 18 stops around New Orleans, guests are free to hop on and hop off the buses whenever they desire, and spend as much time as needed at each location. Beat the heat, rest your feet, and ride in style on a New Orleans bus tour!

2. What type of New Orleans bus tours are offered?

There is a New Orleans bus tour for all ages and interests! Popular New Orleans bus tours include the: Hop On Hop Off bus tour, plantation tours with transportation, city bus tours, mansion bus tours, cemetery bus tours, and more!

3. What can you expect on a New Orleans bus tour?

From city views to scenic countryside, there’s no limit to the amazing things you’ll see on a New Orleans bus tour. Across the board, however, guests can expect top-notch accommodations, fun and informative narration, a glimpse into the area’s amazing culture, and memories that will last a lifetime!

4. How long is a New Orleans bus tour?

Depending on the tour you select, bus tours range in duration from 2 hours to 9 hours.

5. Are bus tours handicap accessible?

Most bus tours are handicap accessible and can accommodate those with walkers and standard wheelchairs. This will vary from tour company to tour company, so be sure to go over the restrictions and cancellation policy before booking. If you need assistance reserving a handicap accessible New Orleans bus tour, call one of TripShock’s customer service representatives to help book the tour that’s perfect for you!


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