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02/19/2019 ~ 02/25/2019

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Small Group Tour of Evergreen and Oak Alley Plantation with Transportation

3 reviews
Duration6.5 Hrs.
Explore the two most exciting and historic plantations of New Orleans Plantation Country, Oak Alley and...
Pros: good value as most other tours were more expensive. As this tour went to 3 plantations and we booked 2 (Evergreen and Oak Alley), we were able to change our minds on the bus from attending Evergreen and going instead to Lara Plantation as it was raining and Evergreen was a mostly outdoor tour (and on the day of our tour, mostly muddy). Lara and Oak Alley were well worth it. The bus driver/tour guide Jacques was extremely knowlegeable and made the long drive to the plantations very interesting. I was worried about not having any lunch planned (you couldn't eat breakfast or lunch on the bus) but was pleasantly surprised at the variety and quality of food options at the gift shop AND there was a restaurant too. Cons: 1)Car sickness. The bus drive to the plantations made me nauseous. I don't normally get ill on busses (though I do get car sick) but the roads were windy and the windows were fogged. I took Dramamine for the ride back and was fine (plus we took the highway back, not the back roads). 2) Lack of communication on where the bus picked us up was poor! Online and the printed receipt said at our hotel. We called the night before to confirm the exact time and was told we had to be at a DIFFERENT HOTEL as the pick up point. We had to scramble to figure out a way to get to that new hotel. Were told the tour bus left at 8:00 a.m. We arrived at 7:54 a.m. and the driver/tour guide calls us en route to say we were late and made us feel we were holding everybody up! He said he sent a text the night before which at that point we hadn't received. We didn't receive it until 6 pm. that night. We were NOT happy with being made to feel we were at fault when it was miscommunication on their part.
Loved both plantations! Our tour guide at evergreen was awesome!!! Took several tours while I was in town, this one was the best
We visited Oak Alley and Evergreen Plantations. The properties were outstanding and our guides were very good...especially Donna at Oak Alley! The tour itself was organized by Old River Road Adventures and Jacque was our tour guide. He was both entertaining and informative. I would HIGHLY recommend this agency and guide! Do yourself a favor when your in New Orleans. Use this tour company and ask for Jacque!