New Orleans Walking Tours

If you’re looking to explore New Orleans and uncover its many hidden gems, then you may want to consider taking a walking tour. Walking tours in New Orleans offer you the opportunity to experience the city's diverse culture, unique architecture, and rich history in a captivating and engaging way. You’ll find a wide range of walking tours available from ghost and cemetery tours to French Quarter and Garden District Tours. Walking tours in New Orleans are led by friendly guides who know the ins and outs of the Big Easy and its history. With plenty to see and do, New Orleans walking tours offer something for everyone of all ages!
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Featured Walking Tours in New Orleans

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Jul 17 - Jul 23

4-in-1 Ghost, Voodoo, Vampires & French Quarter Tour

355 ratings
2 Hrs.
Join a spine-tingling adventure through the haunted streets of the French Quarter, where New Orleans' spooky past comes alive. The city is infamous for its tales of voodoo, vampires, ghosts, and the French Quarter, and the 4-in-1 Ghost, Voodoo, Vampires & French Quarter Tour is the perfect way to experience it all. Your expert guide will show you the quickest routes around the Big Easy, saving you time and energy as you explore the eerie streets. Walk if you dare, through the beautiful yet haunting streets of the French Quarter on this unforgettable walking tour. Book ahead to secure your spot and prepare for an evening of spooky thrills!
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New Orleans City & Cemetery Tour

21 ratings
3 Hrs.
Explore the history and mystery of New Orleans on this New Orleans City & Cemetery Tour! Join an experienced and entertaining tour guide as you visit and learn all about famous destinations like the French Quarter, Jackson Square, historic cemeteries, and a Hurricane Katrina Tour. Enjoy expert narration and even visit the levee breach, the homes of former Kings and Queens of Mardi Gras, the Garden District, Tulane and Loyola Universities, Audubon Park, and so much more! Grab your tickets and get outside! Book your tour today!
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Ghost, Hauntings, Vampire and Voodoo Walking Tour

25 ratings
2 Hrs.
This half mile, one of a kind walking tour takes you on a journey through the antiquated streets of the French Quarter as a local expert storyteller goes over all of the Crescent City’s darkest lore. From murders and mysteries to voodoo and even vampires, New Orleans is regarded by many as being the most haunted city in the United States. You’ll learn the stories of how our history’s most feared villains and beloved heroes emerged from the bygone days of Creole society. Along the way, we will stroll by Madame Lalaurie's House. We will also be entering New Orleans' Axeman's favorite hangout!
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Voodoo Queen Tour

28 ratings
1.5 Hrs.
Deep dive into the fascinating world of the unknown with this Voodoo Queen Tour. Learn how the culture of New Orleans helped shape Voodoo and spark the start of Jazz. No family in history had a greater impact on voodoo than the Laveau family and no place in the world had a greater impact on Jazz than Congo Square. Hear the controversies and conspiracies surrounding Marie Laveau’s final resting place and visit the location of her original homestead. You will stop by an authentic voodoo shop and voodoo temple during the morning tour, and learn about the founding of the first free black neighborhood in American history. Book your Voodoo Queen Tour today!
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New Orleans French Quarter, Voodoo, and Cemetery Tour

182 ratings
2 Hrs.
Learn about Marie Laveau, the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans & discover the reason for the above cemeteries. This tour is led by a master storyteller that will captivate guests and teach travelers about the history of above ground burials. Tour guides also teach the history and culture of Voodoo as well as the rich history of the French Quarter. Guest will visit Congo Square in the beautiful Louis Armstrong Park. Book this tour today!
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Ghosts & Spirits & Spirits Tour

9 ratings
2 Hrs.
Dare to embark on the only interactive ghost tour in New Orleans with access to the ghoulish grand ballrooms at the French Quarter’s most haunted hotel! Guests will visit several haunted sites featured by both 'The History Channel' and 'The Discovery Channel.' Each guide specializes in a particular spirit of the Vieux Carre, so no two tours are exactly alike! Tour now includes stops at 1-2 bars for a “spirited” experience! Book your spot today!
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French Quarter Ghost & Vampire Storytelling Walking Tour

131 ratings
2 Hrs.
New Orleans #1 award-winning haunted tour. Discover historical lore of hauntings and vampires with these master storytellers. Begin the tour in a voodoo lounge, with 2-for-1 hurricane cocktail specials. Walk the streets with your guide and find haunted homes like the Lalaurie Mansion and the Sultan's Palace, whose countless murders directly inspired, "American Horror Story: Coven." If you like history and paranormal activity, book now for an evening of frightful fun in NOLA's French Quarter.
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New Orleans Original Cocktail Walking Tour

31 ratings
2.5 Hrs.
History with a twist! Take a tipsy stroll through the French Quarter's famous bars and restaurants and discover the famous spirits of the Big Easy. From the Sazerac and Pimm's Cup to the Hurricane and Hand Grenade, guests will enjoy a New Orleans history through the lens of drinks and fine dining. Be entertained with classic stories of the unique concoctions made famous, and the characters that brought them to life, and even go behind the scenes at the oldest restaurant in the city to visit the wine cellar and the private dining rooms. Guests will be shaken (not stirred) by the recipes of the city's most delicious and notable cocktails along the way. Book your New Orleans Cocktail tour today!
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French Quarter Cemetery Tour

45 ratings
1.5 Hrs.
Take a trip back in time as you peer through the gates of the area's oldest above ground cemetery and the burial site of notorious voodoo queen Marie Laveau, St. Louis Cemetery No. 1. Founded on the outskirts of town in 1789, this 8 block area would become the future home to the tombs and vaults of plantation owners, architects, pirates and even a world chess champion. Catch a glimpse of Nicolas Cage's mysterious Pyramid Tomb and learn about the history of New Orleans and its voodoo roots. Book your spot today.
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5 in 1 Ghost & Mystery Tour of the French Quarter

90 ratings
2 Hrs.
This mysterious 5-in-1 tour is like nothing travelers have ever experienced! Follow your licensed guide into the dark alleys and secret courtyards of the French Quarter to learn about ghosts, vampires, witches, voodoo, and unexplained mysteries; all together in one tour! As seen on A&E, Discovery, Fox Network, The History Channel, MTV, Sci Fi, and recommended by The Travel Channel as, "The #1 Tour In New Orleans," this tour is sure to be bone-chillingly delightful! Book today!
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Small Group Garden District Stories & Secrets Tour

14 ratings
2 Hrs.
Explore the majestic beauty of the 19th-century mansions and elegant gardens of New Orleans' Garden District on this Small Group Garden District Stories & Secrets Tour. Enjoy one of the most historic and beautiful neighborhoods that you will ever see and accompany an engaging and entertaining tour guide as you make your way through one of the Big Easy's best-kept secrets. In addition to the blocks of mansions, gardens, and scenic, tree-lined avenue, this tour will also visit the outskirts of Lafayette Cemetery #1 established in 1832. Small groups means more time for questions, more photography, and customizable experiences aplenty!
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Haunted Spirits French Quarter Bar Crawl

16 ratings
2 Hrs.
Let the spirits of NOLA's haunted bar scene take you on! Grab your favorite cocktail to-go and have yourself some frightful fun in "America's Most Haunted City". Let your expert guide take you on a tour that is a seamless blend of cocktail history and haunted stories. Don't miss your chance to experience the must see LaLaurie Murder Mansion, Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop Pirate Bar, and other ghastly locations on this Haunted Spirits French Quarter Bar Crawl.
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French Quarter Walking Ghost Tour

86 ratings
2 Hrs.
The ghost tour of the French Quarter takes participants to several locations associated with actual documented hauntings. Phantoms and spirits also enjoy the tour, as many participants have experienced "sensitivity" to certain locations on the nightly walks through the Vieux Carre. As seen on A&E, Discovery, Fox Network, The History Channel, MTV, Sci-Fi, and recommended by The Travel Channel as "The #1 Tour In New Orleans," this tour is sure to be bone-chilling and thrilling! Book now!
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Haunted Pub Crawl Tour

32 ratings
2 Hrs.
Take an intoxicatingly spirited tour of the French Quarter and get loaded on ghost stories while remaining under the influence of the best tour guides in NOLA! Phantoms and spirits are definitely abound on this tour, as many participants have experienced "sensitivity" to certain locations on the nightly walks through the Vieux Carre. Bring a camera, because guests never know when there will be paranormal activity on this tour! As seen on A&E, Discovery, Fox Network, The History Channel, MTV, Sci Fi, and recommended by The Travel Channel as, "The #1 Tour In New Orleans," this pub crawl is sure to be one for the books! Book now!
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Cocktail and Food Combo Walking Tour

20 ratings
4 Hrs.
Combining the best of both worlds, this Cocktail and Food Combo Walking Tour is a feast for the senses! Your guide and guests will visit up to 8 locations including award-winning seafood restaurants, James Beard Award-nominated craft cocktail lounges, pre-Civil War bars, artisanal candy stores, and more. Sample up to 10 different dishes that represent the modern expressions of the area's culinary heritage: classic dishes like Gumbo and Alligator Boudin, but also new interpretations like Crawfish Beignets and Curried Pork Skins! You’ll also enjoy 4 full-sized cocktails like the mighty Sazerac, the rum-heavy Hurricane, the classic Daiquiri, and more! This gastronomic odyssey is THE way to see NOLA! Book your spot now!
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Must-Eat French Quarter Foodie Tour with Cajun & Creole Classics

20 ratings
3 Hrs.
Revel in all of NOLA's must-eat classics in one tour! On this Must-Eat French Quarter Foodie Tour with Cajun & Creole Classics, you will enjoy popular dishes like gumbo, muffulettas, po'boys, and pralines. Celebrate Creole and Cajun culture and history at its finest with other foodies on a laid-back walking tour through the French Quarter. Visit historic restaurants, discuss classic recipes, and of course, indulge in a full range of Crescent City cuisine! Book your spot today!
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Adults 18+ Ghost, Voodoo, Vampire Tour

21 ratings
2 Hrs.
Come along on a chilling and revealing experience you won't soon forget on the haunted Ghost, Voodoo, Vampire Tour. This walking tour unearths New Orleans' most sinister figures and tragic tales. Explore stories of the paranormal, learn the city's dark lore, and brave the shadows on a 2 hour stroll like no other. From vampires to voodoo, if you enjoy a good fright this is the dark-history tour for you. This tour is for those ages 18 and up only.
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French Quarter Vampire Walking Tour

40 ratings
2 Hrs.
Journey Into The Darkness, the French Quarter Vampire Tour, offers a combination of fiction and reality. Fictional history includes that of Anne Rice, Bram Stoker, and visiting the, "Interview with the Vampire" movie site. The tour also takes participants to sites of actual "vampire-type" killings taken from police records, city archives, diaries, and personal interviews. As seen on A&E, Discovery, Fox Network, The History Channel, MTV, Sci-Fi, and recommended by The Travel Channel as "The #1 Tour In New Orleans," this tour is sure to fang-tastic! Book today!
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Ghosts, Gods, & Gangsters - Paranormal & Dark Psychology Tour

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1.5 - 2 Hrs.
Join an adults-only Ghosts, Gods, & Gangsters - Paranormal & Dark Psychology walking tour through New Orleans' macabre history, led by parapsychologist Dr. Edward Simon. Hear scandalous tales of legendary hauntings, the red-light district, witch covens, vampire lore, ruthless gangsters, and more. This tour transports you back through the minds of the city’s most wicked and to the ill-fated settlement that famed occultist Aleister Crowley referred to as the “Quartier Macabre,” a place that even time has overlooked. Led by a master storyteller, this tour ensures a memorable experience, with changing routes but consistently captivating stories. Book your spot today!
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are New Orleans walking tours safe?

Yes, walking tours are one of the safest ways to explore New Orleans on foot. With a local guide who knows his way around the area, you and your group are in good hands.

2. Do I need to bring anything with me?

When it comes to New Orleans walking tours, less is more. Carrying a bunch of unnecessary items around the French Quarter on a hot Louisiana day can be daunting. It is recommended to wear comfortable walking shoes and weather appropriate attire. The one thing you want to make sure to bring along, however, is a camera to capture all of the fun!

3. What types of walking tours are offered?

There are so many different types of walking tours to choose from in New Orleans! Daytime and nighttime tours are both offered, as well as kid-friendly and adult-only tours. Walking tours also cover many topics including: voodoo, vampires, witchcraft, ghosts, hauntings, the French Quarter, history, crime, cocktails, pirates, the Garden District, and more!

4. Are walking tours handicap accessible?

Unfortunately, due to the uneven sidewalks of the French Quarter, most walking tours are not recommended for guests in wheelchairs. If you need help booking a tour that meets your accessibility needs, simply call one of TripShock’s helpful and friendly customer service representatives.

5. Are walking tours kid friendly?

It is important to read the restrictions and cancellation policy prior to booking any walking tour, as some tours are adult-only. Kid-friendly walking tours are available, however, and are a great way to share New Orleans’ unique history and culture with the little ones.


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