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Panama City Beach Boat Tours

Panama City Beach’s welcoming atmosphere is just one of the many reasons why it’s a popular spot for tourists and locals alike. With its breathtaking beaches, shimmering waters, and an abundance of water-based activities, it’s the perfect destination for taking Panama City Beach boat tours. This area offers a variety of boat tours, each providing an experienced tailored to meet the interests of your group. Take a dolphin tour to view friendly dolphins jumping and playing alongside the boat, or indulge in a relaxing evening on a sunset cruise to enjoy the picturesque views of Grand Lagoon, Shell Island, and Saint Andrews Bay. Regardless of what type of boat tour you choose, you’re sure to be captivated by the allure of Panama City Beach from the open water.
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Featured Boat Tours in Panama City Beach

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Apr 17 - Apr 23

Sunset Dolphin Encounter Aboard Captain Anderson III

1,658 ratings
1.5 Hrs.
Take part in an unforgettable Panama City Beach sunset cruise. Sunset Dolphin Encounter Aboard Captain Anderson III is the ideal way to travel through the historic Grand Lagoon and St. Andrews Bay to the edge of the Gulf, and watch dolphins play. Being out on the water and watching these graceful, wild animals in their natural habitat is one of the greatest experiences in beautiful Panama City Beach. Book your cruise today!
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Sunset Dolphin Sail Aboard The Privateer Catamaran

775 ratings
2 Hrs.
Sail into the sunset aboard the Privateer Catamaran! This exhilarating sail along the Gulf of Mexico offers a great opportunity to relax and leave your worries behind. Listen to tropical music and enjoy a complimentary beverage aboard Panama City Beach’s best sunset cruise. Don't forget to relax on the deck and look for Flipper and his friends!
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Shell Island Dolphin Sea-fari Boat Tour

938 ratings
3.5 Hrs.
Journey the Historic Grand Lagoon on the unforgettable Shell Island Dolphin Sea-fari Boat Tour! Watch for a variety of aquatic wonders, sea shells, and wildlife. Explore Shell Island and swim, go shelling, picnic, or just relax and enjoy the beautiful island! Book your Shell Island Dolphin Sea-fari Boat Tour today and make memories that last a lifetime!
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Panama City Beach Snorkel Trip Aboard The Footloose Catamaran

217 ratings
3 Hrs.
Cruise through the Historic Grand Lagoon and the Gulf of Mexico in search of wild and beautiful bottlenose dolphins. Hit the water and snorkel, try out a stand-up paddleboard, look for some shells, or just relax and soak up the sun. This guided cruise is a fun trip for the whole family. Grab your sunscreen and explore beautiful Panama City on this Snorkel Trip Aboard The Footloose Catamaran.
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Panama City Beach Shell Island Dolphin and Snorkel Cruise

244 ratings
3 Hrs.
Enjoy a fun-filled catamaran cruise in beautiful Panama City Beach, Florida! Swim and snorkel the calm water in the bay behind Shell Island, check out the bayside beach, try your hand at stand-up paddle boarding, or zip down the waterslide! Afterwards, set sail for the Gulf of Mexico to visit local wild dolphins! The fun continues at the dock with dancing, contests, and activities. Prepare for a fun adventure the whole family can enjoy! Book your Panama City Beach Shell Island Dolphin and Snorkel Cruise!
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Adventure Tour With Inflatable Waterpark Aboard The Privateer Catamaran

333 ratings
3 Hrs.
Enjoy an exhilarating and relaxing sail along the beautiful beaches of Panama City Beach! Sail to the world famous Shell Island and play on the inflatable water slide, jump on the water trampoline, or try your hand at kayaking and paddleboarding. Guests can also swim, snorkel, and take in all of the amazing surroundings. The Adventure Tour aboard the Privateer Catamaran has something for everyone! Book yours today!
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Small Group Dolphin & Snorkel Tour

429 ratings
2 Hrs.
Take a cruise around the area in search of wild, bottlenose dolphins. This guided cruise is a fun trip for the entire family! Not only do you get an exciting dolphin tour experience, but snorkel gear is available for those wanting to park the boat and cool off. Grab your sunscreen and hit the water Panama City style! Book your spot today!
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Speedboat Ride and Dolphin Watching Tour

101 ratings
60 Min.
Calling all thrill-seekers and dolphin watchers for this St. Andrews Bay Dolphin Watching Tour. Step on this powerful speedboat and get ready for a wet and wild ride as you skip across the waves at top speed as you look for dolphins in their natural habitat! Your heart will race as your expert captain performs 360° spins, nose dives, power slides, and more. Make your vacation a legendary experience with this Speedboat Ride and Dolphin Watching Tour!
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Shell Island Excursion & Dolphin Watch on the Grand Mére

12 ratings
3.5 Hrs.
Climb aboard the Grand-Mére, an air-conditioned double-decker boat, for a day of relaxation and adventure with a Shell Island Cruise & Dolphin Watch in Panama City, Florida! Keep your eyes peeled for playful pods of dolphins swimming beneath the surface of the water and jumping above the waves. As you journey to Shell Island, an untouched 7-mile barrier island, take in the sights and sounds of the natural beauty surrounding you. Upon docking, choose your own adventure whether it is taking a leisurely walk, swimming, diving, or snorkeling. You can even choose to simply unwind on board, sipping a refreshing cocktail and cherishing the tranquility of Shell Island's shore. Do not miss your chance and book your Shell Island Cruise & Dolphin Watch today!
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Shell Island Snorkel & Sail on the Island Time II

21 ratings
3 Hrs.
Enjoy a fun-filled catamaran cruise in beautiful Panama City Beach, Florida! Begin with a short trip across St. Andrews Bay to some of the best spots along Shell Island. Anchor down and snorkel around in search of seashells and sea critters. Stand up paddleboard, make a BIG splash in the water from the slide, or just relax in the calm water. you can even take a sail out to the Gulf of Mexico to look for wild dolphins! As you cruise back to the dock, enjoy an upbeat sailing party with lively music, games, and even dancing. Prepare for a fun adventure the whole family can enjoy! Book your Shell Island Snorkel & Sail on the Island Time II today!
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Wild Dolphin Excursion

66 ratings
2 Hrs.
If you are looking for an adventure that is both exciting and relaxing, then look no further. This Wild Dolphin Excursion focuses on searching for and responsibly interacting with the amazing bottlenose dolphin in the wild. You will enjoy up close and personal encounters from the comfort and safety of your own 21' Robalo center console. Experience a day on the water and gaze at the beauty of the natural world around you. Book your excursion today!
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4 Hour Shell Island Dolphin Swim Experience

183 ratings
4 Hrs.
Take advantage of this opportunity of a lifetime and swim with wild dolphins in Panama City Beach, Florida. Spend the morning or afternoon with a professional team of instructors that will educate you on the proper way to interact with these amazing creatures. Finish off the tour with a dip in the emerald water of Shell Island for potential dolphin encounters. Book today for an experience you'll never forget!
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Panama City Beach Dolphin Sail

24 ratings
1.5 Hrs.
Embark on a leisurely dolphin sightseeing catamaran sail aboard the SV Privateer. Keep an eye out for dolphins among the waves and experience the thrill of seeing these magnificent animals as they play in their natural habitat. Enjoy tropical tunes as you sip on refreshing beverages with family and friends. Whether you sail in the serene St. Andrews Bay near Shell Island or in the shimmering water of the Gulf of Mexico, your adventure will be filled with excitement and anticipation. Sailing in Panama City Beach is breathtaking! Book your experience today!
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2 Hour Shell Island Dolphin Tour

7 ratings
2 Hrs.
Experience the beauty of Panama City Beach on this 2 Hour Shell Island Dolphin Tour. Hop on a 24-foot tritoon and cruise through St. Andrew Bay with a knowledgeable captain at the helm. You'll have the opportunity to see a variety of marine wildlife, including dolphins, in their natural habitat. Enjoy the scenery and the thrill of spotting these playful creatures as you explore the pristine water around Shell Island. Don't miss this chance to experience the Emerald Coast's stunning beauty and diverse wildlife. Book today!
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Panama City Beach BYOB Sunset Cruise

35 ratings
2 Hrs.
Enjoy a serene evening on the water with this Panama City Beach BYOB Sunset Cruise and experience the scenic views of Saint Andrews Bay, Grand Lagoon, and Shell Island. Explore the bay with a frosty beverage in hand as you take in the surreal beauty around you. The Emerald Coast is known for its unrivaled cotton candy sunsets. So sit atop the gentle waves and capture some postcard-quality photos of the day. Don't miss your chance to see a Panama City Beach sunset tonight!
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Sandbar Snorkeling Excursion

28 ratings
3 Hrs.
Experience the beautiful emerald green water and white sugar shores on this Sandbar Snorkeling Excursion. If you have never experienced snorkeling, you are in for a real treat! As you open your eyes to a whole new world of underwater intrigue, you will have the opportunity to see seahorses, puffer fish, scallops, hermit crabs, and so much more. Cruise on a center console, snorkel and chill on a sandbar or opt for some island hopping fun. Book your totally customizable Sandbar Snorkeling Excursion today!
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Private Dolphin Excursion

25 ratings
3 Hrs.
Explore Panama City and Panama City Beach from the water as you cruise through St. Andrews Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. Let your captain take the wheel while you sit back and enjoy the sights and the breeze. Watch dolphins play in the water and unwind as you sip on your favorite beverage and have the opportunity to see wild birds, dolphins, fish, and maybe even spot a manatee! Book your Private Dolphin Excursion today!
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Beach & Lagoon Shelling Excursion

13 ratings
2.5 - 3 Hrs.
If strolling barefoot along a white sandy beach with the backdrop of emerald green water behind you is on your bucket list, then this Beach & Lagoon Shelling Excursion is calling your name. Your knowledgeable guides will show you the ropes and explain the anatomy of the various mollusks you encounter, as well as give you and your crew important tidbits of information about all the shells you find. With onboard reference guides, your family will have an awesome time matching up and learning about the animals that once inhabited the shells collected. From Florida fighting conchs to Lightning Whelks, and Crown Conchs to driftwood, even the novice sheller will not go home empty handed. Book this excursion today!
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Panama City Beach Sunset Speedboat Cruise

34 ratings
1 - 1.5 Hrs.
Calling all dolphin watchers for this Panama City Beach Sunset Speedboat Cruise. Hop aboard this powerful speedboat and get ready for a sunset and dolphin cruise! Make your vacation a legendary experience with the best Panama City Beach Sunset Speedboat Cruise and don't forget to say hi to Greta the Sea Dog while aboard! If you want to enjoy a gorgeous sunset on the water, then this is your cruise! Book now!
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What can you expect to see on a Panama City Beach boat tour?

Enjoy beautiful Panama City Beach in all of its glory! Participants will see amazing wildlife like dolphins, sea turtles, seabirds, and more. If your boat tour is in the evening, prepare for a sunset like you’ve never seen before! Boat rides Panama City Beach offer an amazing opportunity to relax with your loved ones and enjoy the sights of coastal Florida including white-sand beaches, Shell Island, and the Panama City Beach Pier.

2. What types of boat tours are available?

Popular Panama City Beach boat tours include dolphin cruises, eco tours, jet boat thrill rides, sailing charters, speedboat rides, sunset cruises, cocktail cruises, and more! Each boat tour offers something different, with kid friendly, romantic, or even 21+ options to choose from.

3. Are boat tours kid friendly?

Most Panama City Beach boat tours are suitable for kids of all ages, but it is imperative to review the restrictions and cancellation policy prior to booking. Some of the faster cruises may have age and height restrictions, and are geared more towards older children. And the cocktail or dinner cruises may restrict guests under 18 or 21 years of age. You can find a full list of kid friendly activities in Panama City Beach online at Tripshock.

4. Are boat tours handicap accessible?

Many Panama City Beach boat tours are handicap accessible to a certain degree. Please be sure to review the listing before booking your tour. If you need assistance booking a handicap accessible tour, please call TripShock at 850-424-5125.

5. Are we guaranteed to see dolphins on a Panama City Beach boat tour?

No, dolphin sightings cannot be guaranteed, as they are wild creatures. However, the beautiful waters of Panama City Beach are full of fun and playful dolphins, so your chances of spotting one of these majestic marine mammals is very high. If you're looking for tours geared specifically at spotting dolphins, check out dolphin tours Panama City Beach for more options.


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