Santa Rosa Beach-30A Bike Rentals

Looking for a unique way to explore the beautiful coast of Santa Rosa Beach-30A? Bike rentals are the way to go. Some of the most popular rental options include electric bikes and those equipped with baby seats for families. Whether you're looking to indulge in the stunning Gulf scenery or simply pedal along the breathtaking coast, Santa Rosa Beach-30A bike rentals are a great way to stay active and enjoy your vacation while bonding with loved ones.
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What types of bike rentals are there in Santa Rosa Beach?

Santa Rosa Beach is a great place to visit for those who have an active lifestyle, or just love the great outdoors! Bike rentals are a great way to get out and get active, and come in many shapes and sizes! Standard bikes, electric bikes, kids cruisers, and bikes with baby seats are just a few of the available options in Santa Rosa Beach!

2. Are there any restrictions?

This will vary depending on the rental company, so it is important to review the restrictions and cancellation policy prior to booking. A few general restrictions across the board to be aware of include the following: customers must be 18 to book, bikes are prohibited from riding on Highway 98, and those operating an electric bike must be at least 16 years of age.

3. Are there different sizes and equipment available?

Absolutely, there are different size bicycles and equipment rentals available for all! Bicycle sizes include 16 inches, 20 inches, 24 inches, and 26 inches. Not only that, helmets, baskets, bike trailers, training wheels, and baby seats are all available to rent for your convenience.

4. Is delivery included?

When it comes to electric bikes, riders will start and finish their ride at the 30A flagship store in Watercolor Crossing. These bicycles are not allowed to be transported by car. Regular bikes rentals will normally include delivery, depending on the rental company. Please be sure to review the listing prior to booking, as this information will be noted on the website. Most companies, however, will include delivery if the minimum price or rental duration is met.

5. Where should I take my bike rental?

Cruise up and down the scenic coast and take in the stunning scenery and Gulf views. Not only that, Santa Rosa Beach is full of incredible nature and scenic beauty. Timpoochee Trail, the Town Center Government Education complex in Dune Allen, and the Longleaf Greenway Trails are just a few of the many amazing places for bike enthusiasts to get outside and pedal to their heart’s desire!


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