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06/01/2020 ~ 06/07/2020
Key West, Florida
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Latest Articles from Key West, Florida

Article | May 28th 2020
What to See in Key West in 1 Day (Landmarks, Attractions, & More)
May 28th 2020

If you're headed to Key West, FL, on a cruise, traveling from South Florida, or just have an extra day to spend in the city, you are going to want to make the most of it! Discover what there is to see in Key West in 1 day including landmarks, attractions, and more.

Article | May 20th 2020
Key West Jet Ski Tour Coupons 2020 - Best Jet Ski Discounts
May 20th 2020

It's never been cheaper to ride jet skis in the Keys! Find the latest 2020 Key West Jet Ski Tour coupons to save 10% or more only at TripShock!

Article | May 20th 2020
10 Couples Activities on a Romantic Getaway in Florida Keys
May 20th 2020

Heading to the Florida Keys on a romantic getaway? Here are 10 of the best activities for couples to experience while in Key West, Florida! Find activities, tours, attractions, dining, and in depth info about things to do for the perfect couples trip to the Florida Keys.

Article | March 22nd 2020
Avoid Large Crowds! 10 Solo & Small Group Activities in the Keys
March 22nd 2020

Avoid the crowds on your next trip to the Florida Keys for a more personal experience in this tropical island oasis. Check out these 10 awesome solo and small group activities in the Keys, and prepare for the time of your life!

Article | February 28th 2020
Florida Keys Islands Guide (w/ Beach Info, Photos & Attractions)
February 28th 2020

The Florida Keys are a popular beach destination with crystal-clear waters, incredible wildlife, and the country’s largest barrier reef! With so much beauty in the Keys to explore, it can be hard to choose which key to check out first. Discover the best Florida Keys islands and make the most of your trip to this tropical oasis!

Article | February 25th 2020
Florida Keys Boat Rentals - What to Know Before Renting
February 25th 2020

Renting a boat is a great way to see the beautiful Florida Keys from a different perspective. With so much to explore, you’ll never want to end this unforgettable boating experience! Be prepared, make booking easy, and learn everything you need to know before renting a boat in the Keys.

Article | February 4th 2020
How to Choose the Perfect Boat Charters in Key West
February 4th 2020

We've broken the top boat charters in Key West down into three easy categories to help you find the perfect Key West sailing tour! Learn about the different tours, view photos, and book online TODAY!

Article | January 6th 2020
The Best Florida Keys Watersports - 11 Tours You Must Experience!
January 6th 2020

Discover the best watersport tours and activities in Key West, FL and the Florida Keys including snorkel, sailing, and parasail. Learn about 11 tours you must experience on the water in the Florida Keys including photos, available tour providers, and important tips!

Article | January 3rd 2020
2020 Key West, Florida Insider’s Guide
January 3rd 2020

The 2020 Key West, Florida Insider's Guide covers local culture, popular attractions, annual events and so much more! Learn all there is to know about this historic city in the Florida Keys for your next tropical getaway.

Article | November 26th 2019
The Southernmost Point Landmark in Key West, FL (History, Myths, and More)
November 26th 2019

The Southernmost Point has remained the most photographed landmark in all of Key West for decades. Discover the history and myths of this popular monument, in addition to what to expect for first-time visitors to the area.

Article | November 26th 2019
Visiting the Coral Reef in Key West, FL
November 26th 2019

Visiting the coral reef in Key West, FL, is a must-do for tourists of all ages and interests. The reef is filled with magical marine life you won't want to miss on your next trip to Key West!

Article | November 26th 2019
Which Sunscreen can I Wear in Key West, FL?
November 26th 2019

With the sunscreen ban in Key West, FL, visitors are now asking "which sunscreen can I wear in Key West, FL?" Discover why the ban was enacted, and which sunscreens are safe for reefs.

Article | November 26th 2019
Complete Key West Boat Guide (Boaters Info, Rentals, Tours, & More)
November 26th 2019

The Florida Keys are a boater’s paradise! From the majestic mangroves to the riveting reefs, there is so much to see from out on the water when in the Keys. Check out TripShock’s Complete Key West Boat Guide and discover everything you need to know about boating in Key West including boating information, rentals, tours, and more!