Test Your Pensacola Knowledge - "How Well Do You Know Pensacola, FL" Quiz

July 31st 2020
Mike Fisher
Test Your Pensacola Knowledge - "How Well Do You Know Pensacola, FL" Quiz

Pensacola boasts major historical sites, eclectic cuisine, and a fun-filled downtown atmosphere. This coastal town is one-part big-city, and two-parts beach town. Visitors flock to Pensacola, Florida both for the bustling downtown, and the Gulf Coast attractions.

With major military installations, multiple colleges and universities, and widespread historical significance spanning centuries, Pensacola is a city with lots of secrets. Test your Pensacola knowledge with the “How Well Do You Know Pensacola, Florida” quiz!

How Well Do You Know Pensacola, FL?

Choose the best answer for each question, and at the end you'll find out how much you really know about Pensacola, FL!

  1. Pensacola is nicknamed the "The City of ____ Flags..."

  2. 4

  3. Pensacola's Beaches are known for this colored sand...

  4. White

  5. Who were the first non-native settlers to Pensacola?

  6. The English
    The Spanish
    The French

  7. Which is NOT a name for the bridge connecting downtown Pensacola to Gulf Breeze, FL?

  8. Pelican Cove Bridge
    Pensacola Bay Bridge
    Three-Mile Bridge

  9. What is the name of the monthly fall event taking place in downtown Pensacola?

  10. The Seafood Festival
    The Mullet Festival
    Gallery Night

  11. Which legendary flight squad calls Pensacola, FL, home?

  12. Blue Angels

  13. This elegant hotel is home to the tallest building in Pensacola...

  14. The Ritz-Carlton
    Crowne Plaza Grande Hotel
    Four Seasons

  15. Pensacola is a historically significant military town, which military base is found in Pensacola?

  16. Naval Air Station Pensacola
    Eglin Air Force Base
    Fort Treadway Pensacola

  17. Seville Square in Pensacola is...

  18. Home to the first Florida business to enforce "no shoes, no shirt, no service"
    The Site of "The Battle of Pensacola"
    The earliest known European settlement in North America

  19. The First Pensacola Lighthouse was moved from...

  20. St. Augustine, FL, transported from the East Coast
    Galveston Island in Texas
    The mouth of the Mississippi River

Thanks for taking the "How Well Do You Know Pensacola, FL," quiz! Click below for the results. 

How Well Do You Know Pensacola?

8-10: You are a Pensacola Expert!
  5-7: Not Bad
  0-4: You Must be a Tourist...

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