Family-Friendly Watersports in Fort Lauderdale: A Guide to Adventure and Fun

June 22nd 2023
Jeannelle Douglas
Family-Friendly Watersports in Fort Lauderdale: A Guide to Adventure and Fun

If you’re planning a family vacation to the picturesque city of Fort Lauderdale, get ready for an adventure filled with sun, sand, and plenty of water activities. Known as the “Venice of America” due to its expansive waterways, Fort Lauderdale offers an array of family-friendly watersports that cater to all ages and skill levels. From exhilarating adventures in the sky to peaceful dolphin excursions, this popular city has something for everyone, even for Fort Lauderdale visitors on a budget. In this blog, we’ll recommend some of the best family-friendly watersports in Fort Lauderdale, ideal for building lasting memories with your loved ones.

Table of Contents

  • Top Family-Friendly Destinations in the Area for Watersports
    • Marinas
    • Parks
    • Sandbars
  • Best Family-Friendly Watersports in Fort Lauderdale
    • Fishing
    • Parasailing
    • Pontoon Boat Rentals
    • Dolphin Cruises



Top Family-Friendly Destinations in the Area for Watersports


Fort Lauderdale Instracoastal Waterway

Pictured above is the Fort Lauderdale Intracoastal Waterway.


With its picturesque beaches and shimmering waters this coastal paradise offers a wide range of exciting watersports destinations that cater to families of all ages and interests. Some of the most popular family-friendly watersports in Fort Lauderdale include fishing, parasailing, and dolphin cruises, to name a few. Below, we’ll guide you through the best family-friendly watersports destinations in Fort Lauderdale, highlighting experiences that will create fond memories and a shared sense of adventure.




Bahia Mar Marina

Pictured above is the Bahia Mar Marina. Image courtesy of


Fort Lauderdale is known as the “Yachting Capital of the World” and is home to numerous marinas that cater to watersports enthusiasts and families with children. With a plethora of marinas catering to watersports enthusiasts and families alike, one of the top choices is the Bahia Mar Yachting Center. This premier marina is your one-stop-shop for all things boat-related with a variety of services to offer, including boat rentals and slips, tours, and watersports activities galore. But it’s not just the boats that make Bahia Mar one of the city’s top marinas – it’s also the additional amenities, from the pool and tennis courts to shops and more. Whether you’re up for snorkeling, sightseeing, or just lounging, Bahia Mar has something for everyone.

Marinas are a great source for finding and experiencing boat tours in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Many marinas offer public or private tours varying from luxury small group, to large group “party boats” where you’ll join other travelers and enjoy things like snorkeling, swimming, and banana boat rides.




Hugh Taylor Birch State Park in Fort Lauderdale

Pictured above is Hugh Taylor Birch State Park. Image courtesy of


Fort Lauderdale is filled with some of the finest parks where watersports reign supreme. Head over to Hugh Taylor Birch State Park, where the Intracoastal Waterway meets the Atlantic Ocean for a jaw-dropping view. Diverse ecosystems with endless opportunities to kayak and paddleboard await, offering the perfect opportunity for couples visiting Fort Lauderdale and families looking to add excitement to their day. Plus, the youth/group campground is perfect for organized groups looking to make the most of their visit.



Whiskey Creek

Pictured above is Whiskey Creek. Image courtesy of


Fort Lauderdale, and the surrounding area, is known for its charming sandbars, which are popular gathering spots for beachgoers and those who love watersports. Located near the Dania Beach Pier, Whiskey Creek Sandbar is a frequented site for a variety of family-friendly watersports in Fort Lauderdale like paddleboarding, kayaking, and swimming. Between the calm waters and idyllic surroundings, it makes it perfect for families with young children.


Best Family-Friendly Watersports in Fort Lauderdale


People parasailing over the ocean

Pictured above are people parasailing over the ocean.


Fort Lauderdale is a sun-drenched oasis where family-friendly watersports abound. Whether you’re seeking an action-packed adventure or you’re a beginner in the world of aquatic activities, this coastal haven provides a variety of fun-filled water activities that appeal to all ages and skill levels. Below, we’ll take you through the best family-friendly watersports in Fort Lauderdale, from exhilarating parasailing adventures to serene dolphin cruises.




Two girls showing off their catch

Pictured above are two girls on a boat happily showing off their catch.


Families with children can enjoy the satisfaction of reeling in a catch while surrounded by Fort Lauderdale’s beautiful waters. Fishing in Fort Lauderdale offers you an interactive and exciting way to bond while enjoying time on the water. Not only can fishing be enjoyed during the warmer months, but this coastal oasis offers a wealth of family-friendly fishing excursions and opportunities in the winter months that cater to anglers of all ages and skill levels.

You can opt for a shoreline fishing spot or cast your line from a pier. Just a short drive away in Miami, you’ll find a variety of fishing charters that focus on providing an engaging and educational experience for the entire family.

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Parasailing on the beach

Pictured above is an aerial view of parasailing on the beach.


As one of the best family-friendly watersports in Fort Lauderdale, take your senses to new heights with parasailing. Parasailing is a phenomenal family activity that allows even the youngest adventurers to experience the excitement of flying high in the sky. Imagine the delight of soaring hundreds of feet above the glistening waters of Fort Lauderdale, as you share this thrilling experience with your loved ones. This extraordinary activity offers you panoramic views of the stunning coastline, pristine beaches, and abundant wildlife while harnessed to a parachute.

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Pontoon Boat Rentals

Group on a pontoon boat

Pictured above is a group on a pontoon boat.


When it comes to family-friendly watersports in Fort Lauderdale, renting a pontoon boat offers a great opportunity for families with children to enjoy quality time together while experiencing the sights of Fort Lauderdale’s waterways. With rentals ranging from two to eight hours, you and your children can enjoy your own adventure such as swimming and experiencing the beauty of this captivating city. Most pontoon boats come with comfortable seating, spacious decks, and plenty of room for a safe and relaxed environment for kids to play and for you to unwind.


Dolphin Cruises


Dolphins swimming near the surface

Pictured above is a pod of dolphins swimming near the surface.


Just a short drive away from Fort Lauderdale, you can spot playful pods of dolphins leaping through the waves on a dolphin cruise in Miami. This unique experience allows families with children to witness these majestic creatures up close and in their natural element. Along with the thrill of encounters with these magnificent animals, a dolphin cruise also provides unparalleled views of Miami’s picturesque skyline and idyllic coastal scenery. You’ll also get an engaging narrative along your journey that gives interesting insights about the area.

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