Clearwater, Florida

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What is Clearwater known for

Sunsets at Pier 60, Music, Clearwater Marine Aquarium, Pristine Beaches, Beach Walk, Nature Trails and Parks, Fishing, Dolphin Sightseeing, Dolphin Trail, Home to the World’s Largest Speedboat, Delicious Seafood, Golfing, Shopping
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Clearwater, FL, worth visiting?

Yes! Clearwater is a Gulf Coast beach community that is warm year-round, with beautiful beaches and tons to do! Clearwater is consistently ranked as one of the best beach towns nationwide, with a strong sense of history, community, and culture. Families will find lots of fun kid-friendly activities and tours, and adults will love the nightlife, dining, and relaxed atmosphere.

2. St. Pete vs. Clearwater - Which is better?

St. Pete and Clearwater are geographical neighbors. The two cities rest side-by-side with Clearwater to the north and St. Pete to the south. These Gulf Coast cities are similar in the quality of beaches, types of tours, attractions, and restaurants, and coastal lifestyle. Where they differ is size. St. Pete is narrow on the east end of a peninsula, where Clearwater includes a big chunk of a coastal island, and is closer to the mainland. Clearwater includes more natural beach land, where as St. Pete has more of a "city" feel. St. Pete is well known for its eclectic culture, with a bold music scene, powerful LGBTQ community, and lots of museums including the The Dali and Museum of Fine Arts.

3. What are Clearwater beaches like?

Clearwater beaches have the powdery white-sand that is famous on the Gulf Coast. The water is famously clean and clear, with an emerald-green tint.

4. Are Clearwater and Clearwater Beach the same?

Clearwater Beach is the beach-island region of Clearwater, FL. Although many believe Clearwater Beach is a city, it is not. Clearwater Beach is located only about 4 minutes from mainland Clearwater, accessible via Walsingham Rd, or Belleair Bridge on the northside.

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