Palm Beach, Florida

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What is Palm Beach known for

Flagler Museum, Gilded Age Architecture, Mar-a-Lago National Historic Landmark, Bethesda by the Sea, The Arts, Upscale Shopping and Dining, Worth Avenue, Luxury Resorts and Real Estate, Golfing, Gorgeous Beaches, Watersports, Palm Beach Docks
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How far is Palm Beach from Miami?

Palm Beach is about 70 miles from Miami.

2. What’s the difference between Palm Beach and West Palm Beach?

Palm Beach is located on the ocean, while West Palm Beach sits on the Intracoastal Waterway.

3. Does Palm Beach have a boardwalk?

Yes! The Cypress Boardwalk, which spans about a mile, provides you with the opportunity to see local wildlife such as bobcats, alligators, and deer.

4. Is Palm Beach family-friendly?

Yes! It's not just the restaurants and golf courses that make Palm Beach so fun—there are also plenty of fun activities for the entire family.

5. What famous people live in Palm Beach?

Palm Beach is the home of a number of celebrities. Some famous residents include Rod Stewart, Vanilla Ice, and Bill Gates.

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