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06/14/2021 ~ 06/20/2021
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Browse & Book the Top Dolphin Cruises and Fishing Excursions in Desitn, FL with Olin Marler Charter Cruises.
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Destin Dolphin Watch and Crab Island Sightseeing Cruise

Destin Dolphin Watch and Crab Island Sightseeing Cruise

6,418 ratings
Duration1 Hr.
Set out to sea in search of Destin dolphins aboard the Hannah Marie. Complete with a spectacular glass-bottom, snack...
My family and I enjoyed our time on the boat. We were able to see about 7-8 dolphins, primarily near the first 10-25 minutes of the ride, and about 4-5 sharks. A few things to be aware of- often only one side or another is able to view the marine life on display due to the animals’ position, so on a packed boat you may only be able to see half of the dolphins that pop up. They never jumped out of the water or anything for us; they come up to the surface for a quick breath and dip back down. The boat also rocked quite a bit in the waves in the deep water- we were slightly sprayed and were holding on to the rails for stability. Overall, it’s a ride with $26 if you’re staying in the area if you like glimpses of wildlife and a mild roller coaster like boat ride!
Family fun -good hosts who worked hard to make the dolphin cruise a great experience for the family
We seen 5 dolphins and some sharks too.
from $28
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Deep Sea Fishing Party Boat in Destin

Deep Sea Fishing Party Boat in Destin

1,830 ratings
Duration4 - 10 Hrs.
Embark on an unforgettable offshore fishing adventure with the friendly folks at Olin Marler Charters. Party boat...
Staff was fun to work with, those guys really stayed on top of the action to keep people in the water fishing. Captain was keeping us over fish and watching the action catching tangles and safety issues, addressing them an getting staff on them quickly. Would definitely book again.
Good trip. Hitting the Snapper season was a bonus! The Captain and crew were courteous and ready to serve our needs! This was commendable as most on board the trip were tourists. Flipper stayed away for most of our time and weather was accommodating to our trip. All-in-all, for a Headboat trip I’d give it 4 1/2 stars. One suggestion is that the crew do a little more Smoozing with their customers! This would encourage better tips and return business.
Captain put us on the fish. The crew was friendly and helpful.
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Semi-Private Group Fishing Charter

Semi-Private Group Fishing Charter

321 ratings
Duration4 - 12 Hrs.
This Semi-Private Group Fishing Charter with Olin Marler is great for people looking for a genuine deep-sea fishing...
We had problems parking because lot was full with cars continuing to pulling in and only a car width drive out. We had to wait on cars to back out. Once we got parked accrossthe street the rest of the checkin and trip was great.
We took our parents for their 30 years anniversary. We catch some snappers and tasted delicious. The weather was not the best, but overall we had a great time. The crew was very helpful and makes us feel comfortable. We will definitively do it again.
The crew was very fun but worked extremely hard to make sure every one was doing good. Every time a person a caught a fish they were right there to get them. One of the highlights of our trip!
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Destin Harbor Fireworks Cruise Aboard The Hannah Marie

Destin Harbor Fireworks Cruise Aboard The Hannah Marie

93 ratings
Duration1 Hr.
Watch a dazzling fireworks show over the Destin Harbor aboard the Hannah Marie. The Hannah Marie is the talk of Destin,...
Everything was great. Staff were so nice. Just wish I didn’t have to pay for cash. My kids wanted a captains hat
This was so perfect for our whole family. Definitely don’t want to miss it!
We had a Great Time on the cruise. Caption had us in the perfect spot to enjoy the whole firework show. Money Well Spent!
from $28
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