Plantation Parade On The Great River Road

Houmas House and Laura Plantation Combo Admission

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The great culture divide that is Lousiana is illustrated in two very different plantations: One Anglo, the other Creole....
Our tours were wonderful. We love history and this was definitely worth every penny
We had a wonderful day. The guide that was supposed to be for our tour called in sick so we were lucky to get a gentlemen that bought the artwork and was very involved in the home! He was terrific. He was as you would expect very knowledgeable and passionate about his job. We learned so much. This was at Houmas House. Lunch then was well worth the money and spectacular! Laura Plantation, our guide was Joseph and he too was just the very best we could have hoped for. Both plantations were so different one from another and that's what made it all the better!
I purchased this as a Christmas gift for my wife. What a wonderful way to recall the joys of Christmas while enjoying the history and heritage that is ours. Everything was as advertised with no glitches or unpleasant surprises. Looking forward to our next adventure with Shock Tour.
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San Francisco and Oak Alley Plantation Combo Admission

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Spectacular is the best word to describe these wonderful plantations. From Oak Alley's 1/4 mile majestic alley of 300...
San Francisco was a very colorful home, it is very beautiful. It is one of the least popular of the plantations but I believe it's worth the visit! I especially loved the different rooms with the hand painted ceilings (some even with REAL gold). The tour guide was very friendly and informative and knew a lot about the history of the home. There's a slave cabin and also what used to be a school house on the grounds, which was very fascinating to see. Overall, would definitely recommend if you have the time! Oak Alley Plantation is beautiful. The grounds are self-guided and house is guided. My favorite part is the gigantic oak trees that line up in the front of the plantation that are hundreds of years old. They have some slave houses (not original but supposed to be exact replicas) that give you an insight on what it was like back then to live as a slave. The house is gorgeous, and the guides walk you through the house telling you about the history and families that used to live there. They also have a great gift shop with tons of unique finds. They also have a deli/restaurant and a bar!
OAK ALLEY PLANTATION -- The parking lot is expansive and the area to check in is very clear as it’s a ticket booth upon entry. The grounds were BEAUTIFUL. The trees and small gardens were gorgeous. They also have a great gift shop with amazing pralines they hand make daily. They have a small restaurant and also a little cafe kind of to eat as well as a bar. They also have BNB’s there which I thought was rather unique. The grounds are large though and it is a lot of walking but at your own pace which I did prefer. The house tour was beautiful. I don’t feel like our tour guide really put much of a personal touch or flair on her tour… She did provide a lot of information about the house and the history. The house is definitely the fanciest set up for the day. They also had a small area for drinks just outside of the door which was nice because it started pouring down raining just before we exited. SAN FRANCISCO -- Had a lovely tour here despite the rain! Phyllis was our tour guide and she was wonderful! She knew a lot of the history of the place and was actually passionate about it which draws you into the actual story and time. This tour is very much focused on the house and the history surrounding it and the plantation.
Both tours were very informational and interesting. I had toured Oak Alley in 2010 and got a completely different tour this time! Learned a lot of new things I hadn’t learned the first time.The tour guides were knowledgeable and answered any questions anyone on our tour had. Beautiful plantations, would definitely tour again.
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San Francisco and Houmas House Plantation Combo Admission

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Hear stories of one woman in despair and another woman's lavish lifestyle at these two beautiful plantations. Explore...
This trip was 5 star. It was great being with friends and family sharing wonderful memories. The meal at Houmas House was fabulous.
The trip was really nice. Just maybe if we could have had a 12 passenger vehicle to bring us rather than caravan in our own cars. The Houmas House was absolutely beautiful, tour guide was great, lunch was delicious. San Francisco house was nice.
At Oak Alley when you arrive, there is plenty of parking in their gravel parking lot. The grounds are massive and covered with 500+ year old trees. Check in is right inside the gate and then you take a short walk to the house. You are not allowed to take pictures of the inside of the house but you can of the grounds and outside on the veranda. The first part of our tour with Allison was downstairs. Each room is beautifully decorated with period furniture. The second part of the tour is upstairs. If you cannot climb the stairs they do have a media room for people to watch a video about the second part of the tour. When the tour is over, they lead you outside. There is a small bar where you can purchase mint julips or other tasty beverages. They also have a restaurant, bar and gift shop on the back side of the property. Don't leave without trying a home cooked praline! The San Francisco Plantation is surrounded by factories and refineries. It's almost odd to see such a beautiful and brightly colored home in the middle of it. Checking it was a breeze at their gift shop. Our tour guide, Jonas met us at the house. You're not allowed to take pictures inside of this home either but Jonas did help us take some group pictures outside on the veranda. The inside has some amazing wonderful original artwork. I can't even imagine how they were able to preserve it. Jonas did a great job of telling us about several of the pictures and furniture pieces. After the tour we were able to check out the slaves quarters on our own and take pictures of those. We really enjoyed both tours and thought the homes were beautiful!
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