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Everglades National Park consists of 1.5 million acres in South Florida and attracts a million visitors each year from all over the world. There is a wide range of activities and endless opportunities for discovery.

Everglades Visitors Guide

Established in 1934, Everglades National Park is located just an hour from Miami where you will find alligators and other amazing wildlife such as manatees, the Florida Panther, bobcat, and white-tailed deer. The king of the Everglades is the Florida alligator and maintains the swamps as its home. There is a variety of activities you can enjoy during your visit. You can go bicycling on the popular Shark Valley Bike Trail which offers amazing scenery and exceptional opportunities to see wildlife. The park provides many trails to explore a multitude of habitats and spot more than 300 species of birdlife.

On the Anhinga Trail, you will find wading birds, Purple Gallinules, and cormorants if you’re visiting during the winter. There are three points of entry, including the Shark Valley area, the Gulf Coast Visitor Center, and Ernest F. Coe Visitor Center. You can explore the park in many ways such as on foot, by boat, or by bicycle.

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Things to do Near Everglades

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best time to visit Everglades National Park?

The best time to visit Everglades National Park is from November through April when the weather is pleasant and mild.

2. Can you drive through Everglades National Park?

You can take Alligator Alley (I-75) or Tamiami Trail (U.S. 41). Both of these roads will take you through a stretch of the Everglades.

3. What is the cost to go to Everglades National Park?

The prices vary depending on how you get there. If you get there by car, the cost is $30. If you get there on foot, bicycle, or paddle craft, the cost is $15. Motorcyclists will pay $25 and non-commercial buses/vans will pay $15 per person.

4. Do I need reservations for Everglades National Park?

During the winter, reservations are recommended and can be made online. During the summer, reservations are not required.


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