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07/28/2021 ~ 07/28/2021
Clearwater, Florida
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Latest Stories from Clearwater, Florida

Article | June 29th 2021
This Cruise is at the Top of our Clearwater To-Do List
June 29th 2021
  • Activity: Tropical Lunch Cruise Aboard the Calypso Queen with Optional Buffet
  • Hometown: Marion, NC
  • Adults: Two
  • Children: None
Article | May 25th 2021
The Staff on Our Sunset Cruise was Outstanding
May 25th 2021
  • Activity: Clearwater Bay Sunset Dolphin Cruise
  • Hometown: New Port Richey, FL
  • Adults: Four
  • Children: One
Article | March 30th 2021
We Danced with Pirates on this Family-Fun Cruise
March 30th 2021
  • Activity: Captain Memo's Daytime Pirate Cruise
  • Hometown: Cornelia, GA
  • Adults: Just Me
  • Children: One
Article | February 27th 2021
Our Pirate Cruise was Fun and Romantic
February 27th 2021
  • Activity: Captain Memo's Sunset Pirate Cruise
  • Hometown: Milwaukee, WI
  • Adults: Two
  • Children: None
Article | December 29th 2020
Showing Off our Dancing Skills Aboard the Calypso Queen
December 29th 2020
  • Activity: Tropical Twilight Cruise with Optional Buffet Aboard the Calypso Queen
  • Hometown: Oak Lawn, IL
  • Adults: Two
  • Children: Three
Article | May 8th 2020
We Loved Our Amazing Sunset Dolphin Tour
May 8th 2020
  • Activity: Dolphin Exploration Cruise with The Tropics Boat Tours
  • Hometown: Dallas, TX
  • Adults: Five
  • Children: None