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Latest Stories from Fort Walton Beach-Okaloosa Island, Florida

Article | September 12th 2022
It gave our children something different to do other than play in sand and waves
- Activity: Double Decker Pontoon Rental with 2 Waterslides - Hometown: Hickory, NC - Adults: Four - Children: Six or more
Article | September 8th 2022
The highlight of the day was when we saw some dolphins over by Crab Island
- Activity: Pontoon Rental in Fort Walton Beach - Hometown: Grove, OK - Adults: Six or more - Children: Six or more
Article | September 7th 2022
After we were high in the air, we relaxed and enjoyed the view
- Activity: Fort Walton Beach Parasail - Hometown: MOUNT PULASKI - Adults: Two - Children: One
Article | September 6th 2022
We enjoyed ourselves swimming in the shallow water
- Activity: Okaloosa Island Sunset Eco-Dolphin Cruise - Hometown: Yorktown Indiana - Adults: Two - Children: None
Article | September 6th 2022
Great memories with my family
- Activity: 6 Passenger Captained Pontoon Charter - Hometown: Savannah GA - Adults: Two - Children: Two
Article | September 6th 2022
The boat ride was fun, the captains made sure we had a great time
- Activity: Crab Island Excursion (Departing From Fort Walton) - Hometown: Champlin, MN - Adults: Just Me - Children: One
Article | September 3rd 2022
I enjoyed the beautiful scenery so much, and we even saw dolphins during our boat ride
- Activity: Captained Crab Island Tour - Hometown: Carmel, IN - Adults: Four - Children: Two
Article | September 2nd 2022
The views were crazy beautiful and everyone had more fun than ever!
- Activity: Jet Ski Rental departing from Okaloosa Island - Hometown: Alexandria, KY - Adults: Five - Children: One
Article | September 1st 2022
We were in good company with a professional fisherman
- Activity: Private Saltwater Fishing Charter from Fort Walton Beach - Hometown: Lebanon, Mo - Adults: Two - Children: None
Article | May 12th 2022
It was a beautiful sunny day and great to be out!
- Activity: 10-12 Passenger Pontoon Rental Departing from Fort Walton Beach - Hometown: Grand Rapids, MI - Adults: Six or more - Children: Two
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