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Latest Stories from Miami, Florida

Article | October 20th 2020
The Best Tour to Welcome my In-Laws to the United States
October 20th 2020
- Activity: Miami Boat Cruise from Bayside Market with Miami Tour Company - Hometown: Kissimmee, FL - Adults: Five - Children: One
Article | December 17th 2019
I Got to Hold a Baby Alligator
December 17th 2019
- Activity: Everglades Morning Tour & Wildlife Show with Transportation - Hometown: Fresno, CA - Adults: Three - Children: None
Article | April 26th 2019
Greeted by Dancing Birds at Flamingo Gardens
April 26th 2019
- Activity: Tropical Botanical Garden & Everglades Wildlife Sanctuary at Flamingo Gardens - Hometown: Fort Lauderdale, FL - Adults: Three - Children: None