Latest Stories from New Orleans Plantation Country, Louisiana

Story | July 27th 2019
Holding Copper, the Baby Alligator, was the Best
July 27th 2019
  • Activity: Jean Lafitte Airboat Tour with Optional Transportation From New Orleans
  • Hometown: Kingsville, TX
  • Adults: Four
  • Children: None
Story | August 6th 2019
We Loved Learning the Local History at Laura Plantation
August 6th 2019
  • Activity: Laura Plantation: Louisiana's Creole Heritage Site - Admission & Guided Tour
  • Hometown: Margate, FL
  • Adults: Two
  • Children: None
Story | July 25th 2018
A Haunting in the French Quarter at Night
July 25th 2018
  • Activity: History & Haunts Nighttime Carriage Tour
  • Hometown: College Grove
  • Adults: Two
  • Children: None
Story | July 28th 2018
Our One Stop Shop for 25 Tours
July 28th 2018
  • Activity: New Orleans Pass Attraction Card
  • Hometown: Chicago, IL
  • Adults: Three
  • Children: Two
Story | July 30th 2018
Can't Believe I Held a Gator
July 30th 2018

Activity: The Cajun Experience - Swamp & Plantation Combo Tour From New Orleans Hometown: Grand Rapids, MI Adults: Two Children: None