Destin, FL > Dolphin Cruises & Tours
06/03/2020 ~ 06/09/2020

Dolphin cruise

about 8 hours ago
We loved our experience. We saw several dolphins as well as a few sharks on the way
Chuck C

Good experience

about 10 hours ago
1 hour wondering, clean cruise y friendly staff. Beautiful landscape
Angelica S

Lots of dolphins

about 18 hours ago
Was a great experience. I am from Florida but currently do not live there, decided to take my kids to see the beach and what I consider my home. Ive spent years out on the water and am familiar with boats, the trip was amazing. The captain and crew were so friendly and informative, they take pictures on board for you as well. There is an air conditioned room before going to see the glass bottom which was nice. It isn’t a speed boat so this is a nice and smooth trip, enjoyable for all ages and especially little ones who may be scared. My son is scared of everything but he did seem to sit and inch his was around the boat to see the dolphins. We seen tons! Great experience would recommend them to anyone else and would take my kids again.
Autumn H

The Best

about 18 hours ago
We were near a pod of dolphins. The pricing was very reasonable and the crew a lot of fun. Would do it again.
Char W


about 19 hours ago
While visiting Destin, our family (of 13) took the sunset dolphin tour. We boarded at 6:15 in the evening. While boarding it began to sprinkle rain. Sky wasn't looking great, but we were told that the company providing the tour would make the call if the weather were to turn bad. We barely get out into the water when a storm hits. We were in a downpour of rain and wind. The boat was tossed and we all were frightened. While trying to find a place of safety. The glass bottom part of the boat was closed due to covid19. Because the storm was hitting so hard the crew instructed us to go ahead and use the salon to get in out of the storm. We also had people in the bathrooms and behind the snack bar. At this point we are thinking we need to get back to dock, but the captain (who was in his cabin) decides we are still going to find those dolphin. So he instructs us to look over at the left of the boat because we can see Dolphin. I assure you there wasn't anyone on the boat interested in seeing Dolphin at this point. We wanted to get back to the dock. Soon we found ourselves listening to the captain tell us we were not going to be able to go out into the gulf (where we would see Dolphin) because on his radar he is tracking another storm that is headed our way. He felt we should head back to the dock. My opinion, He was tracking radar before we ever boarded that boat. He knew a storm was coming and we should have NEVER boarded that boat. I's sure that the possibility of having to refund our money or book another day was not what they wanted to do. I, and the other 13 People I got on board with, felt like he knew in advance that there was a possibility of that storm producing unsafe conditions for the people on that boat. I do not appreciate the captain deciding for me what is safe. If there was a hint of that kind of storm coming he should have NOT gone on with the trip. I felt like I was trying to be convinced that what was happening was my imagination. The captain missed his calling. Should have been a car salesman. I will not give a good review for this adventure for future boat riders. There are other tours that people can take. I will make sure people do not take this tour again without hearing of my experience. Oh and it was so nice of the crew to offer us a free snack from the snack bar...which by the way NEVER opened due to the conditions. We did not have the full tour, saw A dolphin fin, thought we were going to die in the ocean and trip cut short. We should have been offered something other than a snack. That captain was tracking the storms with radar and made a really bad call.
Eric B

The dolphins were amazing and so were the tour guides!

about 2 days ago
It was amazing! Saw many many dolphin, the tour guides personalities were amazing, all around fun trip! Definitely booking again when we go back!
Stephanie B

Dolfin Trip

about 2 days ago
The trip was so much fun! My family really enjoyed the ride and viewing the dolphins. The captain and crew was so nice!
Emily S


about 2 days ago
I loved every bit of both cruises I went on while in Destin
Amy N

Dolphin cruise

about 3 days ago
Had an excellent adventure Saw so many dolphins. Crew was fantastic and fun! Delaney was so sweet and engaged in conversation with us the whole trip. Highly recommend.
Victoria S

Sandpiper Cove

about 3 days ago
Great place! Loved having the beach access so close. Will be back again
Darlene E