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Sunset Dolphin Sail Aboard The Privateer Catamaran

about 1 month ago
I had a great experience. It was amazing. It wasn’t crowded, drink were great, the crew was awesome , last but not least I was able to see DOLPHINS!!!
Brittany V

12/10 Recommend

about 7 days ago
The people were very nice and helpful. We saw lots of dolphins and the sunset was beautiful! It’s a great activity for any occasion!
Jordyn C


about 1 month ago
It was great. Crew and staff were excellent.
Timothy C


about 1 month ago
Nothing I would suggest to anyone else. I had to sit in the back and couldn’t see anything. We did more sitting than riding. The deck hands were nice but the music was terrible. Some of the songs were sad. Who wants to pay to ride and become depressed while on the boat? On our way back there were several of the boats parked watching the Dolphins jump. We sat earlier for approximately 30 minutes watching a few dorsal fins come out of the water. I don’t think the captain understood when the dolphins would jump like the captains on the other boats. I was happy to get off and won’t ever go again, not with this company anyway.
Theresa L

B E U T I F U L Amazing experience ever

about 2 months ago
It was the most beautiful experience ever I totally recommended , fantastic it’s no words to describe exactly the experience but I really never going to forget it’s a beautiful memory with my family THANK YOU !!!!
Fabiola R


about 30 days ago
It’s was cool saw dolphins and deer on the beach would recommend very good for the price.
Darrin M

Must Do in PCB

about 1 month ago
Great crew onboard. Saw lots of dolphins and even a deer. Beautiful sunset.
Jorene S


about 7 days ago
Had to walk 1/4 mile to get to the boat and very short trip
Michael S

Nice time!

about 4 days ago
The trip was nice. Didnt have the best sunset but there was one. Weather was the culprit. Crew was great!
Bernice F


about 1 month ago
Totally Amazing without question
Susan S

Sunset Dolphn Sail Privateer Catamaram

about 9 days ago
The trip was fabulous just wish we could've been out the whole time. We appreciate the concern for safety and avoiding the storm.
Melanie L

Don't Pass This Up

about 14 days ago
Had an Excellent Sunset Cruise on our Anniversary. Very Attentive Crew and the Live Music was a nice Touch Highly Recommended.

Great time!

about 30 days ago
Our crew was amazing! We saw dolphins and deer amd an amazing sunset. My teenagers didn't love it but they didn't hate it either. My hubby and I want a sailboat now. Highly recommend.
Krisha B

Sunset cruise paradise adventures

about 1 month ago
Friday, 6/20…. Sunset Cruise! Very well done! Water was rough but cruise was good… saw Dolphins and deer! The only thing I would change would be a narrative that could be shared with passengers on surrounding areas…. We like to learn about the area!
Shirley R

Overcrowded and bad weather

about 24 days ago
Overcrowded with not enough seats for everyone and it started storming, I don’t understand how that’s a 2 hour ride after 20 minutes I think people have had enough seeing dolphin fins.
Rachel W

Best part of my trip

about 19 days ago
The boat trip was amazing. We had a live acoustic guitar session with an amazing singer. The capton was great! The bartender was the best. Would highly recommend! We were on the big catamaran.
Jeremy B

Dolphin Cruise

about 1 month ago
It was fun and captain was very good. Thought we would be taken out further though.
Thomas L

Sunset cruise!

about 7 days ago
My husband and I had a great experience! This was a great way to relax while also having fun. The little boat crew were also super friendly and chill. We enjoyed it, and we will definitely do it again! ALSO, the gal we had on our cruise had the best playlist!! Good music made it better ;)
Kaitlyn O

Sunset cruise

about 2 months ago
Crew was friendly, trip was fantastic. Saw lots of dolphins and even a few deer. Would highly recommend the trip to others.
Kelley D

No Fault Of The Crew

about 24 days ago
Trip was cut short by a storm. Everyone crowded below deck, was close quarters. No fault of the crew, they were great. Was sad I had friends from out of town and they couldn't enjoy the entire trip or our famous sunset on the water.
Jodi R

Sail Catamaran

about 18 days ago
Loved the trip. That was something on my bucket list. You full fill it at a reasonable price. My husband love it and my son enjoyed it also. Thank You so much.
Diane J

Beautiful and fun!

about 25 days ago
We had a great time. The crew was super friendly and the ride was beautiful. Though we did have to come in early due to a storm - even that part was fun! We ended up soaking wet but smiling. Thanks for the great time!
Anne-Marie P

Amazing staff

about 1 month ago
It was all worth it ! Definitely will be back !
Bonissa V

Great experience!

about 8 days ago
Fantastic and well worth it. Saw dolphins and the sunset was so beautiful. The staff on board was very nice too. Highly recommend.
Sara S


about 2 months ago
Will definitely do it again
Banshon B
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