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Reviews of The Florida Aquarium

Even though the ticket buying experience was simple, I never received the email with the actual ticket on it. I had difficulty getting into the aquarium because I didn't have the actual ticket.
Candy W.
about 3 years ago
Getting in
Redeeming the voucher was alittle difficult but after we were in, it was fine and dandy!
Monica M.
about 5 years ago
No bar code on voucher
We're on vacation with no available printer and the voucher says we have to print to enter the Florida aquarium. I called the aquarium and they said we could just show the voucher with the bar code. However there was no bar code on the voucher when it was brought up with a PDF viewer. I emailed the voucher to the person at the aquarium and even she couldn't get it to show a code. Thankfully the aquarium was wonderful to work with and they let us in with the voucher despite it being wrong. It was very stressful to say the least!
Colleen G.
about 4 years ago
Education, presentation and hosts and displays all were easy to follow.
John M.
about 4 years ago
Pretty Decent
The house was pretty clean only it had ants and the air wasn’t working .
Jakeria M.
about 3 years ago
Good experience
Tripshock made it really easy to purchase right through Google and saved money on ticket prices. I just had to print out the voucher and bring it with me, super simple!
Emerie P.
about 4 years ago
Tampa Aquarium
It was so easy. We had a wonderful time. We were there for 2hrs & only got thru about 1/4 of the Aquarium. We will b back very soon. It's well worth the money. Pitching ur tickets on this app is very easy they txt u ur tickets so all u have do is open up the txt than follow the link & open up the link to pull up ur tickets super simple.
Malissa B.
about 3 years ago
Everything was excellent
Fun,and exciting
carolyn j.
about 3 years ago
Great experience!
Definitely one of my new favorite places. My two kids loved it (2 & 5yo).
Maria M.
about 5 years ago
My friend and I had a blast at the aquarium. It was quick and easy to get the tickets too. Thank you.
Neyshannyq G.
about 3 years ago
First time user of TripShock. I had printed the voucher, and redeeming it at the Florida Aquarium was super easy. I wouldn’t hesitate using this service again for my next day trip activity :)
Cedric C.
about 4 years ago
I really enjoyed my first time visiting the aquarium. My children really have alot of fun. I would visit again and spread the joy and the message to my friends. Love all the fishes.
Diana F.
about 4 years ago
The Florida Aquarium
The aquarium was exceptional and the scan of our tickets was quick and easy fir our entry.
Helen H.
about 3 years ago
Really good price on tickets!
My daughter is 3 and quickly fatigued because of the amount of commotion from all the school trips and lots of walking. All the exhibits started to look the same to her. So I’m really glad I found the tickets for a good price on Tripshock. So it was a decent value for money at least.
Miko K.
about 4 years ago
We loved watching all the different fish and animals! Great experience!!
Dona R.
about 3 years ago
Lento acceso
Cuando llegamos a la entrada del acuario no nos dejaban entrar ya q no tenían sistema en sus computadoras y no tenían acceso para ver los boletos q habían sido comprados por mi por en internet
Loraine I.
about 4 years ago


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