Family Beach Guide in Perdido Key, FL [Activities, Wildlife, Landmarks & More]

July 3rd 2023
Jeannelle Douglas
Family Beach Guide in Perdido Key, FL [Activities, Wildlife, Landmarks & More]

Nestled between Orange Beach, AL and Pensacola, FL, Perdido Key is a hidden gem that offers families the ultimate beach vacation experience. With its pristine white sand beaches, beautiful waters, abundant wildlife, and notable landmarks, Perdido Key is the perfect destination for your next family getaway. In this family beach guide in Perdido Key, we’ll introduce you to the best activities, wildlife, and can’t-miss landmarks that will make your visit to Perdido Key truly unforgettable.

Table of Contents

  • Activities
    • Banana Boat Rides
    • Pontoon Boat Rentals
    • Dolphin Cruises
  • Wildlife
    • Birds
    • Dolphins
    • Sea Turtles
  • Landmarks
    • FloraBama
    • Orange Beach Islands
    • Perdido Key State Park





Dolphin leaping through the waves

Pictured above is a dolphin leaping through waves on a dolphin cruise.


Perdido Key is a family-friendly destination that offers an abundance of water activities for all ages. Whether you’re seeking an adventure or looking for a more relaxing experience, you’ll find something that will appeal to your interests. In this family beach guide in Perdido Key below, we’ll highlight some of the most exciting and engaging water activities that are sure to delight both parents and children alike.


Banana Boat Rides


Group of people on a banana boat ride

Pictured above is a group of people on a banana boat ride.


Banana boat rides are a great way to add a splash of excitement to your family vacation in Perdido Key! This thrilling water activity is perfect for families seeking an action-packed adventure that all ages can enjoy. Hop aboard the inflatable banana-shaped vessel and hold on tight as you’re towed by a speedboat through the glistening waters of the Gulf Coast. Safety is a top priority, with life jackets provided for all participants, and experienced operators ensuring a smooth and enjoyable ride.

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Pontoon Boat Rentals


Pontoon boats

Pictured above are pontoon boats.


Experience the beauty and tranquility of Perdido Key from the comfort of your very own pontoon boat rental. With ample space to accommodate large groups and easy maneuverability, pontoon boats are the perfect choice for families seeking a relaxing day out on the water. As you make your way through the waters, you can take advantage of the countless activities a pontoon boat has to offer. At your leisure, you can enjoy swimming, snorkeling, or soaking up the sun and bonding with your loved ones on the spacious deck.

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Dolphin Cruises


Pod of dolphins swimming near surface

Pictured above is a pod of dolphins swimming near the surface.


Embark on an enchanting journey with your family as you set sail on a dolphin cruise. As one of the top kid-friendly activities in Perdido Key, these family-friendly tours offer an exciting opportunity to watch playful dolphins in their natural element, leaping and swimming alongside your boat, creating unforgettable memories for both children and adults alike. As you cruise through the waters of the Gulf Coast, knowledgeable guides will share intriguing insights into the behavior of these magnificent marine animals. With a variety of departure times and tour durations available, it’s easy to find an option that accommodates your family’s schedule and interests.

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Sea turtle in seawater

Pictured above is a sea turtle in seawater.


Perdido Key is known for being home to a variety of wildlife. This prime destination offers an opportunity for nature lovers and families alike to encounter an array of captivating creatures in their natural habitats. From playful dolphins and majestic sea turtles to rare birds, Perdido Key is a sanctuary for wildlife that will stimulate your senses and ignite your curiosity. In this family beach guide in Perdido Key, we’ll share tips for unforgettable wildlife encounters during your visit. Embark on an awe-inspiring adventure into Perdido Key’s thriving ecosystems and discover the beauty of its inhabitants.




Perdido Key State Park

Pictured above is a Great Blue Heron in Perdido Key State Park.


Perdido Key is an oasis for birds and enthusiasts, offering an unparalleled opportunity to observe a fascinating array of bird species. From beach habitats to nature trails, birding in the Perdido Key area is a popular activity for visitors and locals alike. The area’s diverse ecosystems – including sandy beaches, bayous, and rivers – provide the perfect backdrop for your bird-watching adventure. Some of the prime locations for bird watching include Gulf Islands National Seashore, Big Lagoon State Park, and Tarkiln Bayou Reserve State Park.




Dolphin family leaping out of the water

Pictured above is a spotted dolphin family leaping out of the water.


The Perdido Key area is filled with an abundance of dolphins. These majestic marine animals are known to captivate hearts with their show-stopping acrobatic displays and friendly personality, making them a must-see attraction for visitors of all ages. The waters of the Gulf Coast provide the perfect setting for observing these amazing creatures as they leap, swim, and frolic in the waves. To increase your chances of a dolphin encounter, consider joining one of the many dolphin cruises available in Perdido Key. If you need more info on dolphin cruises before purchasing tickets, check out our guide on the best times to take a dolphin cruises, and how to book tickets in Pensacola-Perdido Key

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Sea Turtles


Close up of sea turtle

Pictured above is a close-up of a sea turtle.


While enjoying your time on Perdido Key beaches, you may come across sea turtles. Among the most popular sea turtles in the area are the Loggerhead sea turtles. The prime nesting season is from May through October, making it the perfect time to stroll along Perdido Key’s beaches while keeping a lookout for turtle tracks or nesting mothers. Keep in mind, if you encounter a nesting turtle or hatchlings, maintain a safe distance and refrain from touching or disturbing them in any way.




Aerial view of Orange Beach

Pictured above is an aerial view of Orange Beach.


This hidden gem offers a treasure trove of landmarks and Perdido Key outdoor adventures that cater to families seeking excitement and quality time together. From historical sites steeped in rich heritage to natural environments showcasing the area’s diverse ecosystems, Perdido Key is an oasis for families eager to create lasting memories. In this family beach guide in Perdido Key, we’ll guide you through some of the must-visit landmarks, providing insights to help you make the most of your family vacation.





Pictured above is Flora-Bama. Image courtesy of


Straddling the Florida-Alabama border, Flora-Bama is an iconic landmark that has been entertaining visitors and families for decades. This vibrant beachside venue offers a unique blend of delicious food, live music, and fun-filled activities for the entire family. Music artists such as Jimmy Buffet, Kenny Chesney, and Drake White have graced the stage at Flora-Bama. For an enjoyable dining experience, satisfy your taste buds with the delectable seafood and southern eats served at the Flora-Bama Yacht Club or the Ole River Grill. This beloved destination also hosts a wealth of family-friendly events such as the Annual Beach Run/Walk for America’s Warriors. For more information about events at Flora-Bama, please visit


Orange Beach Islands


Aerial view of Orange Beach

Pictured above is an aerial view of Orange Beach.


If you’re seeking a sun-drenched adventure in Perdido Key, the Orange Beach Islands is a must-visit destination. Comprised of a chain of idyllic islands – including Bird Island, Robinson Island, Walker Island, and Gilchrist Island – these idyllic sanctuaries offer a serene retreat for families to explore, relax, and create unforgettable memories together.

Accessible by watercraft, the Orange Beach Islands provide an unparalleled opportunity to experience the abundance of marine life, lush greenery, and spectacular landscapes that make this coastal oasis so appealing. The island’s white-sand beaches and gorgeous waters are a perfect setting for families to enjoy a day of swimming, jet skiing, and water-related activities.

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Perdido Key State Park


Perdido Key State Park

Pictured above is Perdido Key State Park. Image courtesy of


Perdido Key State Park is a 247-acre island that offers an outstanding outdoor experience for families seeking to explore the natural beauty and abundant wildlife of the Gulf Coast. This sanctuary is a paradise for nature lovers and thrill-seekers alike. If you’re looking to cool off, you can take a refreshing dip or try your hand at various water sports such as fishing or kayaking. With its white sand beaches and rolling dunes, this park is a popular destination for those who love watersports.



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