WonderWorks Myrtle Beach Coupon 2023

February 13th 2023
Mike Fisher
WonderWorks Myrtle Beach Coupon 2023

A visit to WonderWorks while on vacation in Myrtle Beach is the perfect option to add some educational fun to your trip! Sparking your group’s imagination will be easy at WonderWorks since it is filled with over 100 interactive exhibits that challenge visitors both mentally and physically.

Table of Contents

  • The Six Wonder Zones at WonderWorks Myrtle Beach
    • Natural Disasters
    • Physical Challenge
    • Light & Sound
    • Space Discovery
    • Imagination Lab
    • Far Out Art Gallery
  • Get Physical at WonderWorks’ Attractions
  • Wonderworks Myrtle Beach Coupons 2023



The Six Wonder Zones at WonderWorks Myrtle Beach


wonderworks myrtle beach coupon
Kids will love the Space Discovery Zone at WonderWorks Myrtle Beach


WonderWorks separates its seemingly endless number of exhibits into six Wonder Zones. Each zone has its own theme that takes you on a learning adventure. As one of the top Myrtle Beach indoor and family attractions, you will for sure want to take your time working through each one to get the full WonderWorks experience. Check out highlights from the six zones below:

Natural Disasters

If the weather is something that has always amazed you, you will love the Natural Disasters zone at WonderWorks! Make sure to experience what it feels like to be in a category 1 hurricane with its 84 miles per hour wind at the Hurricane Shack!

Want to chill things out a bit? See how long you could have lasted in the freezing cold waters that surrounded the sinking Titanic. In this Wonder Zone, you can take power into your own hands by feeling the intensity of 100,000 volts of electricity at the Tesla Coil Exhibit.

Physical Challenge

Let your tough side out in the Physical Challenge Wonder Zone by starting at the Bed of Nails exhibit, where you will lie down on a bed of 3,500 nails! Next, you might want to lighten things up a bit by playing at the Bubble Lab! Here you can create bubbles the size of basketballs!

Before leaving this section of WonderWorks, your group will definitely want to see how they stack up against professional athletes by trying the Virtual Sports exhibit.

Light & Sound

If you are feeling a little artsy, make your way over to the Light & Sound Wonder Zone. You can watch your shadow multiply into different colors and patterns at the Recollections exhibit. You will want to play around at Strike a Pose, where you will see just what your shadow really looks like. Feel the music in your feet at the Giant Piano exhibit, where you can play your favorite songs by jumping from key to key!

Space Discovery

We all have had dreams of what it would be like to go into space! Give your group a chance to make those dreams come to life by stepping into a replica EVA suit, which is what astronauts wear when they need to do work outside a spacecraft.

Head into deep space and test your interstellar skills at Mission to Mars, where you will control a rover to explore the surface of the planet. You will have to try to save the day at the Fighter Jet exhibit, where you can feel what it would be like to soar at 1,190 miles per hour in an F18 fighter jet.

Imagination Lab

The younger members of your group will feel right at home in the Imagination Lab Wonder Zone, and older members will feel nostalgic playing on the Wonder Brite, a giant version of a Lite-Brite.

At the lab, you can see how your group would stack up against Earth-invading aliens as you battle to save the planet at Alien Stomper. Make sure to put your brain to the test at Gear Works, where you will work to arrange gears of different sizes.

Far Out Art Gallery

Throughout WonderWorks you will notice illusion artwork in the attraction stairwells. Test your imagination by trying to find the hidden figures within each piece. Compete against your friends and family to see who can spot the most illusions within the artwork the quickest!

WonderWorks Myrtle Beach coupons are no longer available. But you can check out different affordable and fun tourist attractions in Myrtle Beach.



Get Physical at WonderWorks’ Attractions


wonderworks laser tag
Image Courtesy of WonderWorks Attractions


You can let your competitive side shine at WonderWorks! As long as you are not afraid of heights, you will love climbing three stories above the ground in the incredible indoor ropes course! For an added surprise, WonderWorks has even made it glow in the dark!

If you need to blow off some steam, make your way over to play an intense game of laser tag. You will have to be at the top of your game to not only shoot your competition as quickly as possible but to conquer the added challenge of making your way through the black-lit maze that acts as the course.

To get the most out of your trip to WonderWorks, you will want to experience the kid-friendly 6D Extreme Motion Ride XD Theater. This attraction combines the thrill of a 3D movie with special effects and motion seats to truly make the film come to life around you!

WonderWorks Myrtle Beach coupons are no longer available. But you can still experience great kid-friendly activities in Myrtle Beach.



wonderworks museum interactive exhibit
Image Courtesy of WonderWorks Attractions


WonderWorks is truly a perfect place to take people of all ages with all the different exhibits and activities it has to offer. If your skin needs a break from the intense Myrtle Beach sun, or there is rain in the area, spending the day at WonderWorks will make sure that your whole group has a blast!


Wonderworks Myrtle Beach Coupons 2023


Unfortunately, we no longer offer Myrtle Beach Wonderworks coupons. Please explore our Myrtle Beach museum ticket selection for fun, discounted things to do in the area similar to Wonderworks.



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