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02/28/2020 ~ 03/05/2020

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Blue Angels Practice Cruise @ Pensacola Beach

Blue Angels Practice Cruise @ Pensacola Beach

8 reviews
Duration2.5 Hrs.
Watch as these true American heroes blaze across the skies high above white sand beaches and emerald green waters, and...
We truly enjoyed this cruise. Being close to the Naval Base and watching the Blue Angels practice from the water was amazing! Plus, I been on many dolphin cruises, and we saw by far more dolphins than ever before! I highly recommend!
This was by far the most exciting activity on our vacation. The captain of our cruise knew exactly where to park the boat to make sure everyone got way more than they expected when it came to watching the Blue Angels. You could actually see the pilots as they banked over and around the boat over and over as they practiced their show. Really was incredible....
We were not able to make the air show last year and decided to take this cruise so my boys can see what it's like. The cruise was also a dolphin tour as well because we saw a handful of dolphins, but the real show was the Blue Angels. We got to see them do a few stunts and it was well worth it! We will do this again next time.

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