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Travel is about experiencing something new with the people you care about. TripShock Traveler Stories allow travelers a forum to share those experiences with friends, family, and fellow adventurers worldwide!

Learn more about TripShock Traveler Stories below:

What is a Traveler Story?

Traveler Stories are real-life accounts of TripShock customers experiencing awesome activities. Solo travelers, couples, and families tell their stories of excitement, romance, and wonder in an easy to follow article filled with photos and videos.

dolphin cruise traveler story

A young woman recounts her experience on a Destin Dolphin Cruise in this Traveler Story

Each Traveler Story offers insight into the customer’s experience with details including...

  • How the activity was discovered
  • Overall experience with the activity’s staff
  • Highlights from the trip
  • Whether or not the activity is recommended



Requirements for a Valid Submission

Past TripShock customers are chosen to submit a story after leaving a review on select TripShock activities. If you are chosen to submit a story, you will receive an e-mail or text notification.

All submitted stories are vetted and verified by a TripShock content team member. For a Traveler Story to be considered for publishing on TripShock, it must meet the following requirements:

  1. Photos or videos of the group and the activity are REQUIRED.
  2. Do not use full names in your story. First names are plenty.
  3. No profanity. This is a family site.
  4. Be genuine. These reviews help other travelers.
  5. Please use complete sentences.

For a complete set of Traveler Stories Terms & Conditions, please CLICK HERE




Reimbursement is awarded for successful Traveler Stories submissions. This will come in the form of a custom promo code valid only for future TripShock purchases (1 code per customer). The code will be delivered via e-mail within 12 weeks of your story submission.




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