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01/26/2021 ~ 02/01/2021
Plenty of Kodak Moments on our Tiki Cruise
December 7th 2020

Plenty of Kodak Moments on our Tiki Cruise

How did you discover this activity?

We found this on Google.

When did you book your tour compared to the departure date?

We booked about a month in advance.

Why did you choose this activity?

We chose this for the romantic setting.

How did you get to the activity location?

We drove our vehicle there.

What was your experience with the activity’s staff?

The staff was the best!

Highlights or memories you and your group will take from the trip?

The dolphins were the highlight of the cruise, next would have to be the beautiful sunset. We definitely had plenty of Kodak moments, but what really made the trip was our host/driver, Kevin.

He went above and beyond to attend to our needs. He’s very knowledgeable, and knew of all the best spots for photo opportunities. We listened to our own jams, and got a chance to see Destin from a unique perspective. We’ll definitely be back!

Would you recommend this activity to another group like yours? Why or why not?

I would definitely recommend this trip to everybody and anybody. It’s a great price, and the amazing views are a must-see!



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