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05/31/2020 ~ 06/06/2020

Both My Husband and My Daughter Loved the View!

How did you discover this activity?

I found TripShock on Google when searching for parasailing in the area.

When did you book your tour compared to the departure date?

I booked parasailing one day before the event.

Why did you choose this activity?

My daughter wanted to gift my husband a parasailing adventure for his birthday.

How did you get to the activity location?

We drove from Eglin AFB to the location.

What was your experience with the activity's staff?

All of the staff were knowledgeable and friendly throughout the whole experience.

Highlights or memories you and your group will take from the trip?

My daughter and my husband have never been parasailing. They have discussed the possibility on multiple occasions, but we just never got around to it. For his birthday, my daughter asked if she could take him parasailing as a gift from her and me. Of course, I could not say no. I booked the adventure for the two of them and off they went.

My daughter is nine, so she was a little nervous before we got there. They loaded up onto the boat and set off. The two of them went last, so she was able to watch the other visitors and hear them talk about how fun it was which eased her nerves. By the time they went up, she was so excited that the height didn't bother her at all. Both my husband and my daughter loved the view! They talked about how beautiful it was and my husband says he will never forget sharing this experience with our daughter.

At the end of the trip, I asked if they would do it again and both replied, "Yes!", without hesitation. My husband said the only thing he would change would be that next time he would bring a hat.

Would you recommend this activity to another group like yours? Why or why not?

I would definitely recommend this activity to anyone. It was a wonderful experience and a memory that will always be with us.


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