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05/31/2020 ~ 06/06/2020

Audience Participation Made our Magic Show Even More Magical

How did you discover this activity?

We searched online for fun events near Destin.

When did you book your tour compared to the departure date?

I booked 3 months ahead.

Why did you choose this activity?

My son loves the show Carbonara Effect, so I thought he would love this, and it would give us sonething to do in the evening that was a rain-or-shine event.

How did you get to the activity location?

We drove to the address, but it required $10.00 to park, and was a fairly long walk from the lot. We had to ask for directions at the information booth. It is on the second story of the Emerald Grande past the coffee shop.

What was your experience with the activity's staff?

The staff was fun and happy.

Highlights or memories you and your group will take from the trip?

We loved when my husband was asked to participate and watching some of the genuine reactions of other guests. (He was asked to help saw a woman in half, and he helped with a card trick).

I wish he could have done some of the other activities, because he would have been hilarious! Several times during the show audience members are asked to participate, and the more they get into the show, the more fun it is.

Would you recommend this activity to another group like yours? Why or why not?

Yes, it was fun for all ages. Just be aware that it takes a little while to get there, and it is not a huge event.


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